8 Sensational Churro Creations to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Whether you’re in a monster of a line at Disneyland or in an authentic Latin restaurant, a churro is a must-have.

1. The Rainbow Loop

Photo by Instagram/@theloopchurros

A celebration of life, the rainbow loop churro sundae is sure to brighten up your day. Originally only for St. Patrick’s Day, The Loop in Westminster, CA is keeping these around until the end of April. Better hurry up and grab one… or a dozen!

2. Churro Sundae Bowl

Photo by Instagram/ @elriograndenyc

Is eating your bowl after you finish your ice cream sundae gluttonous? Maybe! But honestly, who cares? You can find these sundaes at El Rio Grande, a Tex-Mex restaurant, in New York City.

3. Churro Ice Cream Cone

Photo by Instagram/ @omgihtslinda

One of the only reasons I order my ice cream in a cone is to eat the cone after. This churro cone has now made a cone a necessity! Made fresh at ChikaLicious in NYC, it’s definitely something you need to treat yourself with.

4. Churro Cupcakes

Photo by Instagram/@sonias_cupcakes

These little bundles of joy are fried up in cupcake tins and topped with frosting. Found at Sonia’s in Brazil! These would definitely be the centerpiece of any party!

5. Dipped Churros

Photo by Instagram/@fainazmilhancakes

Whether it’s a churro loop dipped in chocolate and almonds or churro bites dipped in dulce de leche, dipped churros will satisfy any sweet tooth!

6. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo by Instagram/@hiccupsteahouse

It seems like ice cream and churros go hand in hand, so here’s a delicious churro ice cream sandwich to encourage the pairing. You can find them at Churroholic in Anaheim, CA.

7. Churro Tacos

Photo by Instagram/ @yoshyohnson

Filled with ice cream and fresh fruit, these cinnamon-sugar treats also get a drizzle of caramel! Coming soon to Max Brenner in Philly!

8. Churro Snack Packs

Photo by Instagram/@sanchurro_au

San Churro Chocolatier in Australia is serving up these snack packs that come with mini churros, two types of chocolate, fruit, and a little something special depending on which one you order.

Craving something sweet now? Check out this video for Nutella Churro Donut Holes!

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