A Guide to Traveling With Your Holiday Gifts

Are you traveling for the holidays this year? To save time (and the surprise) you may want to wrap your presents before you go. If you decide to check your bag or bring it as a carry-on this year, your gifts are at risk for a bumpy ride. There is nothing that kills the holiday spirit like opening your suitcase to a pile of torn paper, ripped bows, and smashed boxes. There is a way to save your packages from the rough ride from the airport check-in counter to the baggage claim, and it only takes a few simple steps. Scroll through to see how to save your holiday’s gifts this year.


Use Saran Wrap To Prevent Your Gifts from Tearing

To keep your paper from tearing during your travel day use saran wrap to cover your gifts. First, wrap a few layers of saran wrap around the paper covering all sides and corners (Don’t forget the corners! Those are usually the first to go!). Place a layer of clothing at the bottom of the suitcase and put a line of gifts on top. Never have your gifts at the very top or bottom of the suitcase. The saran wrap and clothing will create a barrier for your gifts to save them from a holiday travel beating.

Pack Your Toiletries in A Separate Area

It’s always a good idea to pack your toiletries in a ziplock bag to keep any spills or leaks from getting over your clothes. Save your presents from makeup or toothpaste stains by sealing your liquids and toiletries in a leak-proof bag and zipping them into a pocket in your suitcase. Avoid packing aerosol cans in order to keep them from exploding and making a sticky, hold 5 level mess.

Save the Bows For Later

Don’t put the bows and tags on the gifts until after you land. Keep them in a liquid and smash safe container in your suitcase. If you are worried that your unlabeled packages will get mixed up, write a small initial on the underside of the package or on the spot that you will place the bow. You’ll be able to keep all your gifts sorted, safe, and ready to be dolled up with their bows.

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