The Airline PrivateFly Will Let You Order Whatever You Want To Eat — Yes, Really

airline lets you order any food you want

Ever wish you could have more control over airline food? Well, now you can — that is, if you book travel through a company called PrivateFly. Just by the name of it, you might be able to tell that PrivateFly is a pretty ideal way to enjoy your air travel. Passengers put their requests in 24 hours before takeoff and the crew will do the best they can to honor them. Sounds like cloud nine!

PrivateFly offers flights between hundreds of locations in the United States and internationally. They’ve got a network of 7,000 aircrafts and are all about making sure your flight is comfortable. It must be said that they’ve also got a dog on staff — a pup named Tex is their “Fur-st Officer.” Sure, it’s unrelated to the food, but it’s darn cute. Maybe you can request a meet-and-greet with Tex before takeoff (ya know, to help ease any pre-flight anxiety).

The company is so set on creating a good experience that they’ll even try to pick up the food you crave, if it’s something they can’t already create on board the place that is.

Ever wanted to take off while biting into a Whopper? Well, PrivateFly can help make that dream come true.


“Dining is such an important part of the travel experience — even while getting to and from your destination,” said Geoff Villano, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at PrivateFly, as per FoodBeast. “When flying private you can make onboard eating one of the trip’s highlights, whether business or pleasure. There is truly no request too elaborate as long as the jet’s kitchen can adequately handle it.”

No request too elaborate, eh? Sounds like a challenge. But all jokes aside, it’s nice to see that food during travel is finally being taken seriously — oftentimes, the perfect meal will be the highlight of your vacation.


Not a fan of the food you find once you make it through airport security? Try these four on-the-go snacks.

You can easily throw them in your carry-on when you’re rushing out the door.

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