The Beginner’s Guide to Filipino Food

Celebrity chef and TV host, Anthony Bourdain, predicted earlier this summer that Filipino food will be on the rise across international tables this year. Americans, who have embraced other cultural cuisine styles like Asian and Mexican, will love the blend of coconut and vinegar present in traditional Filipino dishes. Bourdain believes the pork soaked in soy sauce dish, sisig, will be the Filipino meal that Americans want to eat.

For first time foodies, it can be intimidating trying new foods or visiting restaurants when you don’t know what to order. Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Scroll down for our introductory list of Filipino food that you MUST try and we promise you will love.



This Filipino spring roll is popular in the Philippines and Indonesia. Filled with meat (or veggies), egg, onion, and fried to a crispy perfection, lumpia is a traditional Filipino dish that you absolutely have to taste.



Pancit is a noodle dish introduced to the Philippines by the Chinese in Spanish Colonial times. Although there are varying types of popular pancit noodles, it is most traditionally served as the bihon noodle.



Like Pad Thai to Thai food, Adobo is one of the most well-known Filipino dishes. Pork soaked in a broth of stock, vinegar, and soy sauce, Adobo is the perfect dish for experiencing Filipino food for the first time.

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