24 Disneyland Halloween Treats That Are So Good, They’re Scary

Disneyland Entrance at Halloween Time

Disneyland is currently celebrating Halloween Time throughout the resort and we cannot get enough of it. Both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure are filled to the brim with Halloween decorations, classic characters meeting in their Halloween costumes, and dozens and dozens of spooky and delicious Disney Halloween treats.

We ventured to Disneyland to try each and every one of them, and we have to say they are all worth a bite, but there are some that just shouldn’t be missed. Throughout the parks and resorts, guests are going to be able to find all sorts of sweet and savory snacks to delight in, and show off on Instagram. In fact, many of the treats available this season are super Instagram-worthy — especially the macarons and donuts.

When you head into Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, be sure to grab a Halloween Time food guide, which can be found anywhere maps are handed out. This guide will help you find all of the snacks you might be looking for, and you’ll be able to check off all of the ones you try. If you’re like us, then you’re going to want to check off as many as possible during your trip.

Disneyland Park

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Toasted Salsa Roja Chicken Sandwich Combo (Credit: Megan duBois)

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is a Disneyland staple. Here guests can find one of our favorite Disneyland meals, (1) a grilled cheese and tomato soup. During Halloween, though, this classic dish gets a spooky twist by turning into the (2) Toasted Salsa Roja Chicken Sandwich Combo, which comes with spicy tortilla soup.

The combo is a great fall lunch or dinner.

The chicken sandwich is not super spicy, and the crunchy bread is a great contrast to the soft chicken. The tortilla soup is perfectly spiced and great for dipping the sandwich into.

Sweet Potato Hand Pie (Credit: Megan duBois)

Also found at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe are a plethora of Halloween baked goods, which are baked on-site every single day in Disneyland’s central bakery. If you’re going to splurge on a treat from Jolly Holiday, you’re definitely going to want to get the (3) Sweet Potato Hand Pie, which has a super flaky crust, sweet potato filling, and is topped off with orange frosting and toasted marshmallows.

Another great option is the Mummy Macaron.

This is a Halloween version of Disneyland’s classic (4) Mickey macaron, and it’s filled with cookies and cream filling. Be sure to take this one outside for photos to get all of the great mummy wrap details.

Mummy Macaron (Credit: Megan duBois)

Royal Street Veranda

Pickwick Ghost Punch (Credit: Megan duBois)

New Orleans Square is a hot spot for Halloween food at Disneyland Park. Not only can you grab a bite or two to eat — you can hop on for a tour through the Haunted Mansion, which has been transformed into Haunted Mansion Holiday for the Halloween and Christmas seasons. There are two items that are must-gets at Royal Street Veranda: the (5) Pickwick Ghost Punch and the (6) Professor Phineas Plump’s Cure-All Fritters.

The punch is a sweet and tangy drink that is very reminiscent of a creamsicle, and even has the melted popsicle texture.

The fritters are the real star of the show here, especially if you love spicy food. The pimento cheese fritters are filled with gooey cheese and come with a spicy ghost pepper ranch dipping sauce. This is one of the best savory snacks you can get at Disneyland during Halloween.

Professor Phineas Plump's Cure-All Fritters (Credit: Megan duBois)

Mint Julep Bar

Pumpkin Spice Beignets (Credit: Megan duBois)

A trip to Disneyland is not complete without a stop at the Mint Julep Bar. This is the location where you can find the infamous (7) Mickey beignets, and during the Halloween season they come in a pumpkin spice variation.

The beignets are light and airy, and are perfect for sharing, since the bag comes with either three or six beignets.

You’re definitely going to want something to drink with those beignets, so be sure to grab the seasonal (8) Blackberry Midnight Julep, which is a fun take on the classic Disneyland drink, and includes blackberry puree and a floating lychee fruit moon.

Blackberry Midnight Julep (Credit: Megan duBois)

Harbour Galley

The Ghost Mariner's Seafood Boil (Credit: Megan duBois)

In New Orleans Square, there’s a little-talked about quick service restaurant called Harbour Galley. Here is where you can find a great Halloween lunch or dinner item: (9) The Ghost Mariner’s Seafood Boil. This classic seafood boil is filled with shrimp, corn, sausage, potatoes, onions, and bread all served in a plastic bag that you’re meant to dump out over a few plates in true seafood boil fashion. The serving is large, so it’s definitely a great meal to share.

13th-Hour Brew (Credit: Megan duBois)

For a little pick-me-up in the afternoon, grab the (10) 13th-Hour Brew.

This iced coffee drink is topped off with vanilla foam and is the perfect companion to walk around the park with.

We might like this drink even better than the cold foam drinks from Disneyland’s Starbucks!

Rancho Del Zocalo

Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich (Credit: Megan duBois)

If there’s one sweet treat you must get while visiting Disneyland, it’s the (11) Pan Dulce Ice Cream Sandwich. These sweet concha breads are hand-rolled each day on-site and covered with one of three color variations: pink and blue, green and purple, and black and orange.

The conchas are filled with dulce de leche ice cream cajeta and churro streusel.

You’re going to want to grab a table and some spoons to eat this sandwich, but it’s so worth it for all the yummy caramel and cinnamon flavors. Take this over to the edge of the outdoor dining area near the Skeleton Band set-up for a great photo to make all of your friends jealous.

Disney California Adventure

Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a good idea, especially when you’re at Disneyland and want to get a snack to cool you down on those hot theme park days. One of the most delicious ice cream treats available right now is the (12) Spider Silk Macaron Sandwich from Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream. The black macaron comes filled with a vanilla and charcoal ice cream, then it’s topped off with a sour cherry drizzle and popping candies. You can grab this to eat while you tour the park, or take it next door into the Starbucks to enjoy it at a table.


Mummy Donut (Credit: Megan duBois)

Donuts at Disneyland are a major trend, and we definitely understand why. Over at Schmoozies!, you can get a (13) mummy donut that’s filled with peanut butter and jelly, and topped off with purple frosting, white mummy stripes, and two candy eyes.

The donut is huge and can easily be shared.

But be sure to grab a quick photo before sinking your teeth into this one.

Minnie Witch Shake (Credit: Megan duBois)

Also at Schmoozies! you can find the (14) Minnie Witch Shake, which is the perfect mint chocolate chip shake, topped off with Minnie’s signature bow and two chocolate cookie ears. The shake is great for walking around with and drinking while enjoying the sights and sounds of Hollywood Land.

Award Wieners

Oogie's Worms and Dirt Funnel Cake Fries (Credit: Megan duBois)

Three words you need to know before stepping up to the window at Award Wieners are “funnel cake fries.” During Halloween time, this tasty treat gets a Nightmare Before Christmas makeover and turns into (15) Oogie’s Worms and Dirt Funnel Cake Fries. The strips of funnel cake come out hot and topped with gummy worms, chocolate cookie crumbs, candy corn, and green frosting!

Rest In Peace-Strami Fries (Credit: Megan duBois)

If you’re looking for something savory, Award Wieners is also the spot to be with their (16) Rest In Peace-Strami Fries.

The loaded fries are topped with salty pastrami, grilled onions, dill pickles, and a sweet and spicy mustard sauce.

This is the ultimate lunch item at Disney California Adventure.

Studio Catering Co.

Monster 129 Tacos and Eerie Elixir (Credit: Megan duBois)

The hidden gem of Disney California Adventure is the Studio Catering Co. food truck. You can find it near the Captain Marvel and Captain America meet-and-greet locations. Here you’ll find the (17) Monster 129 Tacos and the (18) Eerie Elixir.

The tacos are completely filled with pork belly, kimchi slaw, Korean bbq sauce, and a Sriracha crema.

They’re perfectly sweet and spicy with tons of crispy pork belly. The Eerie Elixir drink is a green apple slushy drink and comes topped with a coveted purple poison apple glow cube.

Willie’s Churros

Pumpkin Spice Churro (Credit: Megan duBois)

If you’re only going to get one churro while you’re at Disney California Adventure, you’re going to want to get the (19) Pumpkin Spice Churro from Willie’s Churro’s near Carthay Circle. The churros are bright pumpkin-orange and are loaded with warm spice and sweet sugar flavor. These are best right when they come out of the cart and are very reminiscent of pumpkin pie.

Cozy Cone Motel

Slow-Burnin' Mac 'N' Cheese Cone (Credit: Megan duBois)

Macaroni and cheese cones are a staple at the Cozy Cone Motel, and they get a spicy makeover for Halloween time. (20) The Slow-Burnin’ Mac ’N’ Cheese Cone can be found at the Cozy Cone Motel inside Cars Land.

The black bread cone is filled with a spicy macaroni and cheese then topped off with flamin’ hot cheese puffs for even more kick.

The cone is a great walking snack to munch on while you wait for Radiator Springs Racers.

Pacific Warf Cafe

Maple-Bacon Bread Pudding (Credit: Megan duBois)

We love sweet and salty treats, and the (21) Maple-Bacon Bread Pudding from Pacific Warf Cafe is just that. Inside the sticky sweet bread pudding, you’ll find huge chunks of crispy, chewy bacon.  The bread pudding is soft and light, without being overly sweet thanks to that bacon. The treat goes great with the (22) Bacon Cheddar Ale Soup for lunch or dinner.

Corn Dog Castle

Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese Stick (Credit: Megan duBois)

Our absolute favorite, must-get Halloween snack at Disney California Adventure is the (23) Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese Stick. This fried cheese creation is topped off with crushed pineapple, raspberry sauce, crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and is served hot right out of the fryer. Be sure to grab a quick video of your first bite showing off the glorious cheese pull that is going to go on for a while. This is the perfect sweet, spicy, and savory snack that we just cannot get enough of.

Paradise Garden Grill

Coco Cake (Credit: Megan duBois)

If you love churros, you’re going to want to grab a slice of the (24) Coco Cake from Paradise Garden Grill. The layered cake is filled with churro buttercream layered between multicolored cakes.

The whole dessert is almost too beautiful to eat… almost.

This is a great treat to get in a to-go box to take back to your room and enjoy the fireworks or World of Color from your balcony at night.

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