Do You Have an Appetite for Nude Dining? Visit Paris

Last November, Paris opened their first nudist restaurant called O’Naturel. At this restaurant, you arrive and leave your clothes at the door. This restaurant seats up to 40 people and provides the ultimate natural experience. The staff is clothed due to sanitary reasons. However, the diners are free to eat and socialize in nothing but skin.

Photo by O'Naturel

This really isn’t anything surprising considering the liberally-nude culture in France. Forbes quoted, “Nudist associations estimate that as many as 2.6 million French regularly practice nudism, and the country has some 460 areas reserved for nude tourism, including 155 camping sites and 73 beaches.” This restaurant is perfect for Paris. Its location is concealed in a quiet residential area. The restaurant is draped in large heavy curtains to prevents peepers. The question of who’s really a nudist and who’s there just to get their creep-on is still in the air. Management monitors the reservations and guests steadily to prevent anything from making their guests uncomfortable.

So far the surrounding community has welcomed the restaurant with an open mind. According to Fox News, a neighbor in the area said, “The block has no qualms with O’naturel because everyone knows it’s just a restaurant and not a sex shop or anything like that.” The restaurant has great rapport and reviews from guests as well. So if you’re pondering about if should you book a flight to Paris for this experience. Oui!

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