13 Foods Only Germans Will Recognize or Understand

german food

Let’s take a vacation to Germany, at least, via the internet. Now, What’s in Germany, exactly? Well, reader, fantastic question. What IS in Germany? Food, duh. All kinds of foods (mostly sausages and pickled items)! Plus, my dad’s side of the family is from Hannover, Germany. And even though I have never been there, I am curious to know what types of foods I may encounter along my journey when I do make the venture to Europe.

I am assuming there will be sausages, Bavarian pretzels, and plenty of beer to go around. Sounds like my family’s jam already! But what else is common in Deutschland? Instead of eating a hamburger here or even a normal hot dog, what is best served overseas?

I did some digging and found some interesting combinations and pairings. Don’t worry, you will be completely confused for every single snack. No way will you recognize one without going “they eat what?!” Yeah…there’s some weird (and delicious) stuff in this list below. But are you worthy enough to even try some? Let us know what you think and if you have tried any of the items below.

1. Schmaltz

This chicken or goose fat is used as a spread for those yummy snacks such as stews. Not into roasts either? Just spread this stuff on some bread or mix it in your next salad.

2. Mett

Mett is raw pork. Raw. Meat. It’s also minced. Good luck trying to picture anything else next time you make LITERALLY ANYTHING WITH MEAT.

3. Weißwurstfrühstück

Otherwise known as “white sausage.” This brunch meat is made of minced veal and pork back bacon. There are many variations of flavors to accompany this wurst including parsley, mace, and ginger.

4. Spaghettieis

This German fave is actually an ice cream dish! It appears as if it is a plate of pasta, but in fact, it is actually vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce. All it’s missing are cookie dough meatballs!

5. Spargel

Spargel is white asparagus that is typically sweeter than the normal green ones we are used to. Germans are obsessed with this vegetable and will pair it with just about anything.


6. Currywurst

Just some simple sausages with some curry sauce and extra curry powder!

7. Handkäs mit musik

If you order this, you’re asking for a sour milk cheese that comes with caraway seeds and topped with raw onions. Yum?

8. Pommes mit Mayo

This one’s pretty straightforward: Fries with mayonnaise. Ever tried it?

9. Leberwurst

A.k.a. liverwurst, aka, liver sausage. So…liver? Typically used as a spread, leberwurst is a must-have in Deutschland.

10. Schweinekrusten

Uh. Pork rinds?

11. Flädle

This dish is made with pancake “noodles” in a bowl of broth.

12. Flammkuchen

Alright, this one might look more familiar. It’s pizza! Well, Germany’s version of it at least. Served on a thin and crispy crust with a thick, French sour cream and topped with bacon and onions. Feel free to have a glass of wine with this delicious dinner, too.


13. Leberkäse

Think of this food as a combo of bologna and sausage made up of beef, pork, bacon, and onions. The best part? The crusty brown edges.

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