The Most Haunted Food Factory In America Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

haunted food factory

We love a good ghost story. Need proof? We recently looked into the most haunted restaurant in America, a charming brunch spot in Charleston, South Carolina that has a seriously frightening past. And now, we’re digging into the history behind the most haunted food factory in America. There’s clearly something spooky about historic southern towns because the most haunted food factory in the U.S. is in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Pass Christian is located on the southern coast of Mississippi, about 20 miles east of Biloxi. In the early 1900s, the Pass Packing Company was a major processing and packing plant for seafood. But the small town doesn’t just boast a creepy ghost story. It’s home to a full-on apparition of an old-fashioned boy. Scared yet? Read on if you dare.

The original Pass Packing Company building was destroyed by a hurricane in 1947. But the location is still the site of a very creepy apparition. Today, the Pass Christian Yacht Club stands on the site of the old Pass Packing Company. And, if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at things), you might be able to meet the apparition of a boy from the early 1900s. Gulp.

The Sun Herald, a local newspaper in South Mississippi, reports that beachgoers have recalled seeing — and even talking to — a mysterious boy wearing old-fashioned clothes around the site of the old factory. As the stories go, the boy would appear out of nowhere on the beach. People would start conversations with him, naturally curious about his torn, dirty clothes.

That all sounds pretty normal, right? Well, when the conversation turned to the boy’s personal life, things got really chilling.

When asked about the whereabouts of his family, the boy would apparently tell people he didn’t have one.


And when asked where he lived, he said he didn’t have a home. Instead, he would say that he stayed at the packing plant. Yep, the Pass Packing Company that was destroyed in 1947. Just when they processed what he meant, poof — he vanished. We have chills. CHILLS.

Who exactly is the boy haunting the site of the most haunted food factory in America? Nobody knows for sure.


He could have been a worker at the factory before it was destroyed. Some speculate that he died in an accident at the factory, which is why he still haunts the area. The good news is that the boy seems like a friendly apparition, not a menacing one. But the story is still super freaky.

If you’re looking to have a spooky encounter with an apparition, head to Pass Christian, Mississippi. We’re freaked out just thinking about it.

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