16 Haunted Restaurants That Will Gives You Nightmare Forever

haunted restaurants

When choosing a restaurant to eat at, you’re obviously going to pick a place with a reputation for really good food. That’s the best thing about going out to eat! But sometimes, a restaurant’s atmosphere can make it just as appealing. This is especially true when the place has some really cool history behind it — even more so if it’s haunted. Well, that’s true if you’re someone who appreciates a good ghost story. If you’re easily spooked and don’t like scary things, then the below haunted restaurants might make you lose your appetite completely.

There’s actually a surprisingly large amount of U.S. haunted restaurants that are worth visiting. Sure, some of the ghost stories about what goes on behind the scenes are a little campy and ridiculous, but they’re also really fun to hear about and play into. Plus, some of the details describing what the restaurant building has been through are genuinely horrifying, and will actually give you goosebumps as you sit down to enjoy your meal. While these are really fun to visit during the month of October, when everyone is celebrating Halloween, these ghosts don’t discriminate, and these places are haunted year-round. Check out some of the coolest haunted restaurants you need to visit…if you dare.

1. Captain Tony’s Saloon — Key West, Florida

Captain Tony’s Saloon is a restaurant now, but it used to be the city morgue — so it’s no surprise that it’s haunted AF. The most famous ghost is the Lady in Blue, who was hanged there for murdering her husband and two sons. The infamous “Hanging Tree” is still inside the saloon. People who visit have talked about experiencing mysterious things when in the ladies restroom, as well as feeling cold spots and seeing doors open and close when no one is around.

2. Moon River Brewing Company — Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city known for being haunted, built on the graves of many dead soldiers and their families. As a result, many of the businesses and buildings are haunted as well, and one worth pointing out is the Moon River Brewing Company. While it seems normal enough in the main dining room, a trip downstairs is proof that it’s a lot spookier than it first seems. It’s one of the city’s oldest buildings, and the things that have gone on in the basement are pretty horrifying. One notable story is that a local, James Stark, was murdered there. Patrons have reported feeling pushed or slapped by an unexplained force, a ghostly figure named “Tony,” and a white apparition.

3. Restaurant 1833 — Monterey, California

According to Thrillist, this historic spot used to be named Stokes Bar and Restaurant after James Stokes, an English sailor who tricked the town of Monterey into thinking he was a doctor. He ended up killing most of his patients, and when he was caught doing inappropriate things to his daughter, he committed suicide. Now he supposedly haunts the restaurant with a later tenant, Hattie Gragg. They’ve been reported throwing salt in wine glasses and slamming doors, among other things.

4. Muriel’s — New Orleans, Louisiana

Of course there are haunted restaurants in New Orleans! Muriel’s is one of the most well-known. The resident ghost is Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, who committed suicide after losing his home (Muriel’s) during a poker game. He is said to haunt the restaurant that was his former home, and Muriel’s is very into it. They even keep a table reserved for Mr. Jourdan set with bread and wine each night.

5. Turner’s Seafood — Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts is a spot where many “witches” were once burned and hung for their lifestyle. The town is full of creepy history and they fully embrace it. So of course, one of the restaurants is haunted. Turner’s is supposedly haunted by the spirit of Bridget Bishop, who was the first accused witch burned in the Salem Witch Trials. The restaurant was apparently built on the grounds of her old apple orchard. Staff says they can smell apples even when there aren’t any in the restaurant — spooky!

6. Jean Bonnet Tavern — Bedford, Pennsylvania

The Jean Bonnet Tavern is now a restaurant in PA, but back in the 18th century, it was used as a place to try criminals. Those sentenced to die were hanged right there. There are many accounts of creepy things happening in the restaurant from the criminals who were killed there, like items being moved around, the sound of a crying baby in the hallway, and the fact that an empty rocking chair often moves on its own in the middle of the night.

7. Succotash — Kansas City, Missouri

Succotash might be a current popular brunch spot, but it was once an old saloon called the Dutch Hill Bar & Grill. The current owner and employees believe that one of the old regulars still haunts the place. The owner says they would smell cigars out of nowhere, and neighbors said a man named Radar used to smoke there all the time.

8. Catfish Plantation — Waxahachie, Texas

Tom and Melissa Baker found this old home in 1984 and turned it into a restaurant, now called Catfish Plantation. Since then, they have experienced some pretty creepy things happening. Melissa would sometimes find random things in the restaurant, even though she was the only one with keys — like a large urn, for example, and freshly brewed coffee. Employees also have strange stories, like a glowing blue light in an empty room and ghostly figures in windows. They had a paranormal investigator came in, and they found lots of old characters from Waxahachie’s past existing at the restaurant.

9. Whitehorse Tavern – Newport, Rhode Island

The Whitehorse Tavern was opened back in 1673, which makes it the oldest bar in the country, so even without ghost stories, it definitely feels a little creepy to walk around. One of the ghosts there is supposedly an older man who died while renting a room upstairs. Many people have reported seeing his ghost. There’s also a small girl who can be heard crying near the restrooms.

10. One if by Land, Two if by Sea — New York, New York

This restaurant in NYC is supposedly haunted by Aaron Burr, who murdered Alexander Hamilton, and his daughter Theodosia. Apparently, one of the restaurant’s maître d’ quit when she was shoved up and down the stairs by unseen hands. Many women have claimed they’ve had their earrings pulled off by a spirit. The restaurant’s manager has also witnessed spooky experiences, like pictures flying off the walls, lights flickering, and more. Some staff members have even quit because of the weird things that have gone on.

11. Tonic Room — Chicago, Illionois

Tonic Room definitely has a creepy history. Back in the 1920s, it was frequented by the Irish North Side Gang, and then Golden Dawn, which is a secret society taking part in ancient Egyptian symbols and human sacrifice. Supposedly, a girl who went with her father to a Golden Dawn meeting there said she witnessed a ritual killing in the Tonic Room basement. Now people claim to hear things, see ghostly figures, and feel weird vibes.

12. Beardslee Castle — Little Falls, New York

This restaurant is actually a faux Irish castle and was once on the TV show Ghost Hunters because of all of the rumors about creepy happenings there. In 1983, ghost hunter Norm Gauthier looked at the property and said there were two spirits there. One legend says that Native Americans were killed on the property in the 1700s, but the ghosts there seem younger. One is a former owner who hung himself in the ladies bathroom in the 1950s, the other is a bride-to-be named Abigail, who died there the night before her wedding. In 1989, there was a fire there that many believe was caused by the ghosts. Many people report seeing the ghost of a man wandering the grounds with a bright lantern that has even caused car accidents.

13. Stone’s Public House — Ashland, Massachusetts

In 1832, Stone’s Public House was called Railroad House and was built by John Stone. It was a hotel that eventually went out of business and was reopened by Leonard “Cappy” Fournier in 1976. Creepy things began happening: doors wouldn’t remain shut, lights turned on by themselves, and people got weird feelings in the back half of an upstairs function room. Psychics believe that more than one spirit resides there. Employees are afraid to be there by themselves because of the creepy things that have happened there.

14. Brennan’s — New Orleans, Louisiana

Brennan’s might look colorful and cheerful, but it has a spooky history. The Red Room is famous for ghosts. According to a legend from the 18th century, Monsieur Lefleur went into the Red Room (the building was his home) and killed his wife and son before hanging himself there. There are still portraits of all three of them on the walls. People say that at night, you can feel a cold spot over the fireplace in the Red Room, and they also say you can see the portrait of M. Lefleur change expressions sometimes.

15. Old Town Pizza — Portland, Oregon

Old Town Pizza & Brewing was built directly above the Portland Shanghai tunnels, which were used to house kidnapped sailors during the early 1900s. There is a ghostly presence known as Nina who lives there, and customers have reported feeling her presence or smelling perfume. Nina is often spotted in a black dress looking at diners or walking around the basement. Nina was supposedly a prostitute sold into the life by a white slavery market, and she was found dead in the hotel that is now Old Town Pizza.

16. Basement Tavern — Santa Monica, California

Basement Tavern is located in the basement of The Victorian on Santa Monica’s Main Street. In 1973, the house was transported there and the story is that the former owner, Delia, came with it. The staff has heard weird noises, seen doors open for no reason, and they’ve experienced flickering lights and footsteps. The Basement Tavern actually named a drink after the ghost: Delia’s Elixir.

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