A Pizzeria in NYC is Doing the Unthinkable!

To all my pizza lovers around the world, this pizzeria in New York City has completely changed the pizza game. I love hot, fresh pizza from the oven. But, I don’t like burning my mouth at first bite. It ruins my entire pizza experience sometimes. Well, Tino in New York City has convinced many to try his cold slice of pizza. It sounds gross, but everybody is raving about how good it is.

Tino’s Pizza & Restaurant is famous for their cold pizza slices. It’s a family-owned business and quite honestly genius for this minor change to a pizza slice. The owner, Tino, noticed that his customers, especially on the late night, loved his pizza but would complain about waiting for it to cool down. In order to have a deliciously cooked thin-crust slice of pizza, it has to come hot. But, Tino started adding cold shredded cheese on top to cool the slice of pizza down; while still preserving the great taste. Perfection.

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The trend is spreading and becoming very well-known in New York. Little Vincent’s Pizza in Long Island and Town Pizza in Ocean Beach are cooling down their pizza slices, too. The foodies over at Hellthy Junkie went to Tino’s Pizza and back into the kitchen. Check it out below and see how their groundbreaking pizza slices are made.

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