We Have News For Anyone Who Likes To Bring Drinks On Planes — TSA Is Changing In A Major Way

drinks allowed on planes
drinks allowed on planes

Big changes might be happening at the airport, and you can thank technology. New 3D scanners have been used at London’s Heathrow Airport that may very well allow you to go back to bringing drinks on your flight with little hassle. So far, they’re so successful that similar scanners are being tested out at other big airports, including John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

While nobody loves being searched, the scanners at airports do it for security purposes. Even though it’s understandable why you need to empty out your purse, it’s still a chore that nobody really looks forward to before a flight. The new 3D imaging scanners are so high-tech that they can actually see the full contents inside — without any interference from you, or passing judgment from another passenger. (Of course, if someone at the airport asks you to remove anything from your purse, you still should.)

Aside from saving us a few seconds of time, the scanners are also able to detect a few important threats (like explosives). The scanner rotates 360 degrees, giving an exceptional view of content.


“We continue to look at new technologies that can both improve the passenger experience and strengthen our security,” a spokesperson for Heathrow said to The Guardian. These scanners would definitely enhance both, giving passengers a little bit of breathing room (and eating and drinking room) while simultaneously adding to the airport’s security measures.

So yes, this means that drinks might be able to make it on board with you. Before, any liquid — even one that was obviously a Pepsi — was declined if it wasn’t in a container that was 3.4 ounces or smaller.

As far as timing is concerned, it seems as if they’re moving fast to make sure major airports are fully equipped. The Verge predicts that 240 of them could be added by the end of 2019. As for John F. Kennedy International Airport, the scanner is expected to officially begin its trial run by the end of this month.

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