A Food Guide to One of the Biggest Music Festivals in the U.S.

Coachella is a huge cultural event in Southern California that boasts good music, art, and food! After spending months curating the best of the best, visitors will have access to the best eats in one convenient location.

VIP Pop-Up Restaurants:

If you were bougie enough to snag a VIP weekend pass, you’ll have the opportunity to dine at one (or all three) of these pop-up restaurants.

1. GWEN – Hollywood – Owner: Luke Stone | Owner/Chef: Curtis Stone

Photo by Gwen La

Inspired by their grandmother who lived on a farm, Luke & Curtis gained a respect for animals and the process of raising them for food. Gwen is a culmination of their love for their grandmother, their desire to make good food, and the need to showcase world-class butchery.

2. THE EXCHANGE – Los Angeles – Chef: Alex Chang

Photo by Instgram/@theexchangerestaurant

Sitting under the largest sign in LA, the 12 story vintage blade sign, The Exchange pays homage to its surroundings. Chef Alex Chang creates dishes that explore Los Angeles’ cultural flavors viewed through an Israeli lens.

3. LITTLE PINE – Silverlake – Owner: Moby | Chef: Laura Louise Oates

Photo by Instagram/ @littlepinerestaurant

Inspired by the Medditerian and California, Moby, created a completely vegan restaurant that redefines what we see as vegan food. With its extensive wine list, which is also vegan, Little Pine celebrates the produce and organic ingredients used in the dishes.

General Admission festival goers will have an opportunity to grab some good food throughout the field while also having access to the newly introduced Indio Central Market.


Photo by Instagram/ @beerbelly_la

Beer Belly has been a Koreatown, Los Angeles staple. With being in walking distance of the iconic concert venue, The Wiltern, Beer Belly is best known for their Duck Fat Fries and hot wings.


Chef Roy Choi’s restaurant, Chego, has become a Los Angeles staple serving up Korean inspired rice bowls that are said to carry the essence of LA in them. Their ooey-gooey fries are definitely something to be tasted at least once in your life!


Photo by Instagram/ @bludsosbbq

One of the only places to get authentic Texas BBQ, Bludso’s offers bbq smothered sandwiches and crispy french fries.


Alvin Calin, the chef behind the cult classic EGGSLUT, has a real passion for burgers and it’s showcased at The Burger Show.


Photo by Instagram/ @fatdragonla

Fat Dragon has been breathing new life into old classics like their orange chicken bowl, which will be available at the festival. They curate their menu to pair perfectly with their popular tea bar.


Photo by Instagram/ @fuku

Brought to you by Momofuku, which boasts a $500 Fried Chicken meal, Fuku specializes in a more low-key dining experience. They’ll be bringing us a fried chicken sandwich that won’t break the bank.


Go Get Em Tiger is a boutique coffee bar in Los Angeles that serves up some serious caffeine, which is going to be needed if you’re partying at Coachella. Serving things like the Full Nelson that is made up of an espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, and a signature G&B shake.


Creating all vegan, sometimes gluten-free meals, The Herbivorous Butcher will be slinging a Vegan Fried Chicken Double Down and totchos. A double down is basically an inside-out burger where the meat acts as the buns and totchos are nachos made with tater tots.


Photo by Instagram/ @little.damage

A must visit spot for anyone with a hankering for ice cream, and trust us in that desert heat you’ll need it, Little Damage will be serving charcoal soft serve. A perfect subject for an Instagram photo in our opinion.


Photo by Instagram/ @milkbarstore

If you’re still feening for more ice cream after you visit Little Damage, Milk Bar will definitely be your next stop. They’ll be offering soft serve cereal milk and cookies.


Photo by Instagram/ @shakeshack

Another joint with a cult following, this incredible burger place will pop up at Coachella. Shake Shack has been regarded as one of the best burgers out here, so we highly suggest you bite into one!

If you want to see the full lineup check out the EAT + DRINK page on the Coachella website!

Plan accordingly! Drink water! Have Fun! And be safe!

And if you can’t make it to Coachella, make some over the top fries at home!

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