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TSA Has A New Rule That Prevents Foodies From Bringing Spices Into Airports

The TSA scan isn’t the most pleasant thing to deal with, but at least you know the technology is there to keep you safe. Even though this new rule is in place for that exact reason, it’s still one that’ll make travelers — especially foodies — a bit more agitated about flying. You’re probably a pro with packing up your liquid and gel products in 3-ounce containers, but now you’ll have to make special arrangements for powders as well.

So, what counts as a powder? Spices and shake mixes are included in the list. That means that if your hidden secret was to bring some salt or basil on board to spice up your in-flight meal, you may have to change the way you operate. Don’t worry, moms — baby formula is listed as an exception to the rule, as are medicines and cremated remains. Just make sure not to use the plane’s tap water to mix bottles, since it’s been outed as being unsafe.

This new rule means that if you’re planning on stocking up on any culinary spices while traveling overseas (or maybe just a product that’s been discontinued in stores by you) you’ll have to make room in your checked luggage.


“The risk for a traveler returning with a large container of Moroccan spice in a carry-on bag rather than checked luggage is that a checkpoint officer could force the person to throw away a suspicious powder before boarding the plane,” wrote Bart Jansen for USA Today. To our knowledge, there haven’t been any incidents of foul play involving powder — TSA is simply being proactive.

If you’re still curious about bringing powdered items in your carry-on, just know that the TSA will allow packages that are less than 12 ounces — which is similar to the size of a soda can — through with little issue. The rules will be changing on June 30th, so you’ll want to make sure you’re in the know before your summer vacation.