United Airlines Will Stop Serving Stroopwafels On Planes — Travelers Are Losing It

United Airlines Will Stop Serving Stroopwafels On Planes — Travelers Are Losing It

When you’re a frequent flyer, you often find comfort in the little things, like knowing what to expect from each airline. That’s probably why United Airlines customers are a little upset right now — something very big changed and they want answers.

United Airlines cut stroopwafels from their in-flight menu. Your first response might be, “The horror!” followed by, “Uh, what’s a stroopwafel?” Simply put, they’re a type of waffle featuring two thin layers of dough with a caramel syrup inside. Popular in The Netherlands, they were a nice addition to the United Airlines experience. The airline has been making headlines for a lot of not-so-great reasons these past few months, and while this is nowhere near as bad as, say, forcing a dog into an overhead bin, it’s still enough to make passengers revolt.

According to Food & Wine, stroopwafels will be phased out of all flights except for those involving the lucky passengers flying out of Europe before 9:30 a.m. The waffle’s replacement will be a maple-flavored wafer cookie that doesn’t sound half as appealing. United Airlines is really banking on maple being the next hit flavor, so they’re hoping their cookie puts them ahead of the game.

“We know that maple is an increasingly appealing flavor, and we are always looking for ways to capitalize on trends in taste buds,” Vice President of Catering Operations Charlean Gmunder said in a statement, according to Food & Wine.

But Twitter isn’t having it.

It’s always hard to come in as the next plane snack when the last one was so popular. I can imagine people refusing to even give the maple cookie a try, knowing it replaced something so legendary. It’s unclear as to whether or not United knew this would affect so many customers.

We have the best news. If you want to have a stroopwafel at the ready, you can order the treat on Amazon Prime.


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