16 Diets That Could Potentially Kill You

We all know that diets don’t work. Some people will go to great lengths to lose weight. They’ll eat worms, eat the sun, and even put a belt on their tongue. What’s the craziest diet you’ve ever tried?

1. Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet

Photo by Taco Bell

Forget that sandwich diet, a woman lost 54 pounds over two years from eating a Taco Bell Fresco item for lunch or dinner every day. She also exercised and cut down her daily intake of calories. I definitely took part in this diet during college, didn’t we all?

2. The Avoiding Swamps Diet


The dude that came up with this noticed that overweight people tend to live near the swamp. The only logical explanation was to move away from the swamp and you’ll lose weight. Okay, man. OKAY.

3. The Ice Cream Diet


For this one, you get to eat ice cream every night. The catch? Your calorie intake should be 1,250 until you can have your ice cream to finish with a cool 1,500 calories by the end of the day. You should be consuming calories based on your height and weight, which is different for everyone. Consult your doctor for more information.

4. The Sleeping Beauty Diet


You can’t eat while you’re asleep. It is recommended you sleep for days at a time to see the best results. As easy and realistic as this one sounds, it is potentially the most dangerous. Just get up and move, people.

5. The Tapeworm Diet


Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like. People would swallow a capsule full of tapeworm eggs. The eggs would hatch, the worms would grow, and absorb your food before your body does. Hey, at least you can eat whatever you want. Just ignore that fact that tapeworms can grow up to 55 feet long and can live inside of you for 30 years.

6. Breatharianism


Do you have $10,000 to learn how to breathe? No? Same. This diet is literally just breathing instead of eating. WTF. Three people have actually died because of this program. Died. Dead. Just eat, it’s that simple.

7. The Cotton Ball Diet


Dip your choice of cotton balls into orange juice or water and pop those fuzzy suckers into your mouth. No food, no calories. The cotton ball will fill you up because they aren’t digestible which will cause terrible and life-threatening problems. Choose food.

8. The Vision Diet


Feeling hungry? Wear blue sunglasses. Cured. No more weight gain. Seriously people. The color blue? What if you’re color blind? Some people just don’t think things through. *immediately orders blue sunglasses*

9. Tongue Patch Diet


Uh. So. Yeah. You’ll have a medical-grade mesh on your tongue for like six weeks. It will make eating solid foods your worst nightmare. The point of this diet isn’t to start a liquid diet, but to be more aware of what you put into your body. Yeah? I’ll just look at my food instead.

10. The Twinkie Diet


The professor who conducted this ate nothing but twinkies, cakes, and other junk foods every three hours for ten weeks. He lost 27 pounds, but only because he lowered the number of calories he consumed. As long as you lower your calorie intake, you can eat whatever you want!

11. Sun Eating Diet


Y’all ready for this one? Instead of eating a meal, stare at the sun for 44 minutes every day. Right. If you stop eating, your body will become malnourished and that is how you will unhealthfully lose weight.

12. Water Wasted Diet


Brighten up every morning with four glasses of water. That’s right, four. Then you have to wait an hour before you can eat. After you eat, you have to wait two hours before eating or drinking anything else. So, I guess you can only drink water in the morning? Yeah, good luck with that.

13. Taco Cleanse Diet


Sounds like a dream, right? 30 days of tacos and the weight will come off. Wrong. You have to eat vegan tacos (no meat or cheese). The creators of this diet even mention how you probably won’t lose weight. Like, exsqueeze me, sir?! Anyways, there are required margarita supplements so maybe we can talk about this one.

14. Walmart Diet


So there’s this guy that lost more than 300 pounds on what he called the “Walmart diet.” Every time he was hungry, he would walk to Walmart. He would end up walking 6 miles a day. Of course, he didn’t lose all that weight from walking, he went to the gym and changed his lifestyle to healthy eating.

15. Totally Tequila Diet


Blah, blah, blah, some study was done on mice to prove that tequila and weight loss are related. Basically, if you’re taking those tequila shots like a champ, then apparently you’re on the road to losing those extra pounds. Next round on you?

16. Kardashian Detox Diet

Kourtney Kardashian was in the mood for a detox and decided to go this route. Avocado pudding for breakfast, protein for lunch, but had to wait until it was 14-16 hours before her next breakfast until she could have dinner. Lol, what? Oh, and she even had fasting days. She would “stay busy” and never go into the kitchen.

I feel like I have to write this because there are people who will try anything once, but DO NOT DO THESE.

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