These Herbs Will Save Your Life Again and Again

These Herbs Will Save Your Life Again and Again

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Herb: Licorice Root

Powers: Digestive problems no more–stomach inflammation and upper respiratory problems will be a thing of the past.

Herb: Stinging Nettle

Powers: Packed with minerals that help with arthritis and strengthening bones.

Herb: Lemon Balm

Powers: Known to treat insomnia and anxiety symptoms.

Herb: Marshmallow Root

Powers: Relieves itchy and irritated skin such as a sore throat and eczema.

Herb: Horsetail

Powers: Everything. What doesn’t this herb do? Horsetail has even been known to help strengthen brittle nails.

Herb: Gotu Kola

Powers: Supports memory function and even helps you cope with stress. A two-for!

Herb: Euphrasia Officinalis a.k.a. Eyebright

Powers: Eye helper, obviously. Have eye pain or another eye related ailment? Try some Eyebright.

Herb: Aloe Vera

Powers: Soothes burns and skin wounds and can strengthen your hair for a stronger scalp. Talk about a win-win.


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