Moms And Dads Eat 156 Meals Standing Per Year, Which Is So Not Shocking

parents standing meals

What’s your most vibrant memory as a child? I’ll tell you mine. It is me playing in my room, suddenly startled by my mother wailing my first, middle and last name. That trifecta meant serious business. I’d run to find her, usually lying somewhere with her feet up and face to the ceiling. She’d always look at me confused, asking what’s wrong because my eyes were wide and I’d be gasping for air from running to her. Then she would proceed to ask me to pass her the remote or glass of water, which would be an arms reach or less away from her (WOW mom, seriously? Barbie and Ken need me right now). One instance I worked up the nerve to ask her why she couldn’t do these tasks herself. Her angry reply was never-ending (she ranted until the next morning): “I have a bad back because I take care of your ungrateful …,” you get the gist. Back then I didn’t understand her outcry, but now I do, and I’m sorry, Momma!

A mother’s physical health and eating habits are constantly neglected in order to put their children’s needs first.The bigger issue at hand is that these sacrifices from mothers (and fathers) are often unappreciated and unrecognized because parents never make a fuss over it (because most of the time they love being our parents). There was a recent study OnePoll conducted with 2,000 parents, and the results will not shock you.

According to the study, moms and dads are constantly distracted and rushed while eating and within a year, parents have eaten 156 meals standing up.


This means an average of 52 days out of a year, a mother (or father) is rapidly eating and unable to enjoy her meals. This number is just an average and only includes eating. Can you imagine the average number of interrupted bathroom trips and sleepless nights?


But that’s not even the end of it.


There’s another survey conducted through weight loss company Jenny Craig, that says 57% of parents stated their kids have healthier diets than them and 62% of moms admitted they put their entire family’s health before their own.

This next finding will not shock you either. However, seeing the actual number is quite disturbing. The study by Jenny Craig also found that 77% of parents in the survey confessed that making healthy food choices and trying to get their family to make healthy food choices is a challenge. Healthy standards vary between households, but we shouldn’t disregard this finding.

Any suggestions on how to keep the entire family eating healthy? What methods do you think will help a mother (and father) lower this percentage?

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