Sorry, But You’re Not Washing Your Hands Correctly

incorrectly washing hands

If you’ve ever used a public restroom, then you’ve seen the sign that says: “Employees must wash their hands before returning to work.” It seems a little upsetting that staff needs to be reminded of such a simple and important task. But is washing your hands really as simple as we all think?

According to a new study put out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a whopping 97% of us don’t wash our hands correctly.  Statistically, it’s likely you’re one of them. The researchers studied 383 people and put them into six different test kitchens throughout North Carolina. Each participant was asked to prepare turkey burgers and a chef’s salad. Prior to cooking, half of them watched a video on safety, which — according to Food & Wine — actually didn’t focus on the importance of hand-washing.

While the participants prepared food, there were plenty of hand-washing moments they were skipping out on. Even the group that watched the video washed their hands correctly only 2% of the time. It seems like the step in which a lot of people go wrong is with soap.

The study recognized that one of the most common mistakes the participants made was not lathering on the soap for 20 seconds. If you have trouble keeping track, it’s recommend that you hum the “Happy Birthday” song twice, from start to finish. And no speeding it up, either. Proper time spent is important when washing your hands.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that washing your hands is important before, during, and after food prep. They also suggest washing before you start eating your meal.

You might think it’s a little ridiculous, but the study proved that 48% of participants in the study’s control group contaminated spices simply by washing their hands incorrectly. And it’s not like they failed to wash them all together — their technique was just incorrect. It almost makes you afraid to go out to eat.

So, what can you to prevent the spread of bacteria? Just make sure you and your family are practicing perfect handwashing protocol. Pretty soon, the 20 second rule will just become part of your typical routine.

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