Treat Yourself With This Peanut Butter Diet

Treat Yourself With This Peanut Butter Diet

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Peanut butter is not the healthiest treat, but studies have shown it does assist with losing weight. So why make dieting so hard? Eat some peanut butter if you want to!


Registered dietician, Holly McCord, has a written a book called The Peanut Butter Diet that focuses on two studies conducted by Harvard University and Penn State. The book is about how the effect peanut butter has on a low-calorie diet. In a nutshell (ha! get it?) these studies found that when both men and women used peanut butter as a substitute for their calorie and fat intake, they had greater weight loss results compared to the those who did not use peanut butter.

McCord and research suggest the reasoning that if people enjoy the flavor of the food they eat while dieting, they will likely stick to it longer.


With peanut butter included in a low-calorie diet, the calorie intake does increase. However, the studies also showed that people who lost weight at a slower pace were more likely to shed the most weight in an eighteen-month span. Those dieting without peanut butter were more likely to not stick with the diet and regain up to five pounds after six months.

Exercise and restricted amounts of peanut butter are definitely recommended. Peanut butter is a key food to get the flavor you desire in your meals without overindulging in calories and fats. Give it a try!

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