Women Are Noticing That They Have This One Wrist Freckle

Women Are Finding Out That They Have This One Body Mark In Common, And It’s A Little Creepy

wrist freckle
wrist freckle


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From a mole above your knee to a smattering of freckles on your hands, to a port wine stain you swear is shaped like a goat in a top hat, we like to think that our body marks are not only unique, but that they make us special. After all, Marilyn Monroe’s mole above her lip became almost as iconic as her blonde hair and sultry voice, and 30 years later, supermodel Cindy Crawford stood out in a crowd of the world’s most conventionally beautiful women thanks to the mole at the corner of her mouth.

But even more fun than feeling like your freckles make you one of a kind is finding out that against what seem like impossible odds, someone out there shares exactly the same one — let alone a big group of people.

Which is why a discovery by a group of women has shocked, delighted, and amazed the internet. On May 22nd, Twitter user @aarynwhitley posted a collage of four photos, showing different women all with a dark freckle or mole in the middle of their wrist.

Did you just check your own wrist to see if you’re part of the freckle club?

Because basically every light-skinned person on the internet did! Here are some of the 13.8K responses to the original post:

Some helpfully highlighted:

Some standing out like the North Star in a constellation of lighter freckles:

Men tried to invite themselves into the conversation (not entirely successfully):

And so did dogs, who are always welcome:

Soon, like freckles in the sun, the rumor had left its original home on Twitter and spread to Instagram:

People enjoyed being part of the wrist freckle club:

But as usually happens when there’s an “in” club, people without the freckle membership card started feeling left out:

There are calls for a non-freckle club:

Maybe not having a freckle officially makes you mysterious:

Also, people with brown and black skin pointed out that this is mainly a white/light-skinned phenomenon:

Then there are the truly (and beautifully) be-freckled, who are bemused by the concept of only having only one “special” mark:

Even when they clearly also have a wrist freckle!

This once fun freckle-finding game is tearing us apart:

But according to one Twitter user’s (very small and highly unscientific) poll, the balance between those who have wrist freckles and those without is actually pretty close:

Er, so what’s actually going on?

According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist and author of Skin Rules who spoke to Health.com, freckles are pigmentation under the skin that darken when exposed to sunlight. Since most of us forget to put UV-blocking sunscreen on our wrists (or accidentally rinse it off when we wash our hands), this area is more likely to be consistently exposed to UV rays over the years, compared to other body parts. This means that any markings there get darker than those in other areas. Whether it’s actually more common in women than men is going to require additional research.

While we’re talking about freckles, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on yours.

By now, we all know that sun exposure can cause skin cancer — no matter how dark your skin is naturally.

Although freckles aren’t necessarily a sign that you have skin cancer, if you notice that they’ve changed color or size, it’s a good idea to get them checked out by a dermatologist just in case. Even extra cute freckles need professional attention sometimes!

Wrist freckle or not, many freckles or none, layer up on that sun lotion and show your skin some love.

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