All Of The Weird And Wonderfully Relatable Foods Cardi B Likes To Eat

By: Kish
September 09, 2019

Cardi B is unlike any other celebrity. She’s brash, honest (sometimes to a fault), and always herself. That is exactly why people across the world love the Bronx native. Using Instagram as a visual diary, Cardi shares all facets of her life from her pregnancy to her heartbreak. But we always love it when Cardi gets on IG to talk about food.

Unlike other A-listers, the rapper, who turned 26 in 2018, doesn’t talk about the Atkins diet, cutting out sugar, or the benefits of vegan food. That’s because Cardi B is ultimately, one of us. She loves McDonald’s, Chipotle, and Chick-fil-A. Apparently, she even prefers a meal from one of those chains to receiving jewelry as a gift.

Now that the star brings in bigger checks, she knows exactly how to spend that cash on good food; Cardi B’s special occasions are marked by extraordinary feasts. Plus, when she’s home, she delves into frozen snacks that anyone can purchase from their local grocery. If you’re a fan of Cardi B but can’t afford to drip in Balenciaga, Chanel, or Dior like her, don’t despair. Maybe you can eat like the “Bodak Yellow” rapper instead.

That doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

What Cardi eats will make her seem even more relatable.

Bagel Bites

Cardi B / Instagram

The rapper loves a cheesy, carb-loaded treat.

Unlike most celebrities who abide by strict diets, Cardi B isn’t afraid of carbs. In fact, the rapper revels in eating her favorite frozen treats. This is precisely why we all love her. In an Instagram story from May of 2019, Cardi shared a snap of her throwing a tray of Cheese & Pepperoni Bagel Bites in the oven, and the Internet delighted in the Bronx native’s relatability.

Don’t we all love a quick and easy snack?

Cheddar Bar-B-Que Chips

Cardi B / Instagram

She crowned these chips as the best she ever had.

If you’re not familiar with Rap Snacks, they’re a potato chip company that teams up with rappers to create distinct and innovative chip flavors. The collection includes Fabolous’s New York Deli Cheddar, Migos Sour Cream with a Dab of Ranch, and Cardi B’s Cheddar Bar-B-Que chips. Of course, those received her seal of approval. Cardi went on her Instagram Story and sounded off, saying

I’m not saying this because these are my chips n sh*t, but these are the best. Chips. Ever. and if you wanna call my bluff, just buy some… they’re 59 cents, and I bet you gonna be like “You aight.” They so good, I love ’em. Tasty.

Since then, Rap Snacks released three additional Cardi flavors.

The lineup includes Honey Drip Butter Popcorn, Jerk BBQ Wavy Chips, and Habanero Hot Cheese Popcorn. Cardi hasn’t yet shared her thoughts on these, but we’re still trying to get our hands on some Bar-B-Que chips.

Dallas BBQ Chicken

Cardi gave this New York institution a shout-out on Instagram.

When the rapper posted a bowl of yellow rice and some delicious looking chicken on Instagram, you know we had to investigate immediately. Turns out that Dallas BBQ Chicken is a New York hot spot, with locations across the five boroughs. And Cardi even admitted that the chain helped her celebrate a milestone.

“This what I ate for my high school graduation dinner…”

She wrote in her caption: “I’m still eating the same sh*t ’til this day.”

Red Doritos

Cardi got candid during her pregnancy and shared her wildest cravings.

On her Billboard chart-topping hit, “I Like It,” Cardi B runs through a list of her favorite things: “those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks,” “dollars… diamonds… [and] million-dollar deals,” and “texts from my exes when they want a second chance.” But she didn’t know she liked Doritos with sour cream, cheese, and guacamole until her pregnancy.

Waffle House

She wanted to make a statement about a car, but everyone got stuck on another transaction.

When naysayers suggested Cardi B leased a Lamborghini instead of buying it, the rapper decided to set the record straight. She posted a screenshot of the cash withdrawal she made to pay for her car in cold hard dollars. But amidst her other recent transactions was a $64.32 charge from Waffle House.

It made everyone ask:

“How do you spend almost $65 at Waffle House?”

Crab Legs

Eating a whole bag of crabs legs? That’s nothing for Cardi B.

In a particularly incredible video, the hip hop and pop queen showed everyone that she’s down to get dirty for the right kind of food. In fact, while most airplane food comes in tiny, plastic boxes designed for quick reheating, Cardi B eats a bit differently during her flights. Once, she dived into a heaping serving of crab legs while flying and knew exactly what to do.

Vegan Food

She tried to switch things up and be a little healthier.

While Cardi was pregnant, she made a concerted effort to limit her junk food and even tried to eat healthier. The rapper shared her first vegan meal on Instagram live, and it was anything but light. She enjoyed burritos, tacos, and pancakes. However, she seemed cautiously optimistic and told her fans, “First time eating vegan y’all… I hope I ain’t waste my money.”


Her love for McNuggets knows no bounds.

Recently, Cardi B’s husband, Offset shared a video of his wife chowing down on her favorite thing on the McDonald’s menu – chicken nuggets. And she ate them right after the BET Awards. That was hardly the first time Cardi demonstrated her love for McDonald’s, though. In 2017, she went straight to Instagram to share her excitement after receiving a gift card for the Golden Arches establishment.

“Imma buy a hundred chicken nuggets, bro,” Cardi B exclaimed.

Green Prawns

She loves to order them from an upscale Manhattan restaurant.

Philippe, an exclusive traditional Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side has a list of elite loyal customers, most notably Cardi B. “Cardi B is not only a loyal customer who has come to Philippe at least 20 times, but I consider her a friend,” Philipe Chow, the executive chef at the restaurant told Us Weekly.

But it’s one pick on the menu that keeps her coming back.

The green prawn dish, which includes lots of spinach, tempura, and water chestnuts sounds absolutely delicious.


Cardi B would take this over a diamond ring.

Since 1964, Chick-fil-A has been “the home of the original chicken sandwich with two pickles on a toasted butter bun.” The chain also makes a great spicy chicken sandwich, nuggets, and fries. And no one knows this better than Cardi B. When the rapper was pregnant, her husband, Offset, got her a 6 a.m. haul from the fast food joint.

The food coma resulted in Cardi tweeting:

“[This] means soo much to me [more] than any jewelry he ever got me 😩😩😩😩❤️❤️😊😊😊.”


Cardi B / Instagram

A Mother’s Day feast fit for a queen.

Cardi B’s first Mother’s Day with her daughter, Kulture, was an event to behold. Offset went all out for the occasion. He gifted the glowing mother a ton of roses and a delicious breakfast spread. But nothing compared to what Cardi received in South Carolina. The working mom, who was set to perform a show, was greeted backstage with a seafood feast that spelled out her daughter’s name, complete with crab legs, crawfish, sausage, shrimp, and corn on the cob.

Okay, we’re drooling.

Chopped Cheese

This is a New York classic.

And as the Queen of New York, Cardi B loves a chopped cheese or two. Also known as a “chop cheese,” this sandwich, which is a staple in bodegas across the five boroughs, is absolutely delicious. It’s made on a hot grill with ground beef, onions, melted cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, on a hero roll.

There’s something so satisfying about this hot, gooey, hand-held meal.

Japanese Caramel Corn

A shopping spree that will make any snack lover green with envy.

The 26-year-old rapper dropped some cash at an Asian supermarket earlier this year, loading up on treats like mochi ice cream and kimchi. But there was one snack in the haul that was more than familiar with.

“These are one of my favorite chips.”

Cardi B admitted this while pointing to a bag of Tohato Caramel Corn. The caramel corn mix is anything but average; the flavors are salty, sweet, and nutty all at once.


Cardi loves this Japanese favorite even though it makes her tummy grumble.

We all love to eat food that makes us feel bad. And Cardi B’s great weakness is Taiyaki. The product in question is a popular Japanese pastry that’s fish-shaped and filled with red bean paste. When Cardi made her big Asian supermarket haul, she grabbed a Taiyaki, admitting, “It’s very sweet, I like it but I know it’s going to make me sh*t.”

You can’t ever say Cardi isn’t relatable.


She loves them, and they love her back.

When Cardi B gave birth to baby Kulture, the new mom received a range of incredible gifts to celebrate the momentous occasion. Chipotle sent her something special, though. The Mexican chain restaurant told The Daily Meal that the gift card idea was inspired by Cardi’s lyrics on “Dinero.”

During the song, she rapped:

“I just want my money, chips, guac and queso/ Y’all can kiss my… dame un beso.” Accordingly, Chipotle didn’t go light on the guac. The chain sent Cardi a whole briefcase full of gift cards. She was ecstatic.


How can this not make us love Cardi B even more?