What The Rock Eats At Night Will Make Your Stomach Hurt

August 01, 2019

When you think about men who are in excellent shape, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably tops that list. Since he was a wrestler well before he broke through as an official Hollywood actor, a good diet and exercise routine has always been important to him.

But, here’s the part of what The Rock eats that’s incredibly relatable — the cheat meal. Even though we all try our best to stay healthy, every time we’re on a diet, we give some room for that one meal (or, one day, depending on your plan) that would fall into the “garbage food” category. Sometimes, it’s food that isn’t so bad, but in portions that’ll make anyone else feel sick.

That’s pretty much The Rock’s method. When he plans his cheat meal, he goes hard. And even funnier, he partakes in his mountain of food when the rest of his family is asleep.

He admitted all of this to Jimmy Fallon on the July 31st episode of The Tonight Show. His entire Instagram is mostly workout photos, promotional pictures and videos, sweet family moments with his daughters, and the gigantic meals he consumes. And, sure — The Rock is a big guy who needs a lot of calories for all the work he does. But this is almost crazy.

“You work out hard and every once a week you treat yourself,” Johnson told Fallon. And by “treat yourself,” Johnson means meals like this.

Also relatable? Johnson often watches shows on Netflix while he eats.

He also often reveals fun facts about himself in the process. Who knew he was such a big fan of Bruce Springsteen?

They typically happen around midnight. “I have to wait until everybody’s asleep… like, midnight. That’s when… I’m like a troll,” he said.

He also seems to have quite a bit of a sweet tooth. Some of the cookies he posts on Instagram just look incredibly delightful.

Plus, he unknowingly proved a point here. A gigantic plate of cookies is, indeed, a meal. We should all trust him on this, as he’s never let us down before.

He also has cute names for his Cheat Day treats. If it’s sushi, he’ll call it a “Sushi Train.” Cookies and an assortment of other sweet treats are a “Sugar Train.”

If you ever wanted to know what The Rock was watching the first time he caught Three Identical Strangers, you’re in luck. This may very well be the closest we all get to grabbing movies and a dessert with Johnson, and it’s not too bad.

It’s not all cookies and sushi when it comes to The Rock. He also mixes in a few healthy fats every once in a while, like this delicious-looking rib-eye shown above.

He also likes to mix and match foods on occasion. Above, it’s standard sushi with a sandwich that will make anyone jealous.

He even made a promo for his new film Hobbs & Shaw that focuses entirely on Cheat Day. “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t eatin’,” he states before diving into the biggest and most monumental stack of pancakes ever.

Johnson also likes to have a drink on occasion. And when he does, it’s always something classy.

He even makes sure to share his monumental meals while he’s traveling. For example, Johnson was located in London when he placed this hefty order.

Pizza is also regularly on the menu. If it’s not eaten on a Cheat Day, it’s eaten on a Carb Day. Again, Johnson has quite the dietary calendar.

It must be fun meal-planning with Johnson. He works hard and eats hard — and as a hardworking actor and father, it’s good to know that he really enjoys letting fans into his Sunday Cheat Meals every week.

But, it’s probably something that you shouldn’t immediately try at home. As tempting as it looks.