Here’s A Look At 10 Of The Most Gorgeous Celebrity Kitchens


Let’s talk about kitchen goals. All cooks have them, whether you rely on 30-minute, one-pot recipes or love to get creative behind the stove.

Some care a lot about aesthetics. They want to feel a certain way when they walk into the room. Others put a higher priority on function. They want to be able to grab any tool or reach for any spice they need without breaking a sweat searching for it and they want the best appliances for cooking.

The best kitchens can achieve both goals, they look good and they work well for their chef-in-residence. This isn’t an easy feat to accomplish and it usually requires hiring a specialized team of designers and contractors who get what it means to rock a kitchen remodel.

There is no better example of kitchen goals than the spaces we see in celebrity homes. They’ve got the connections and the income to make design dreams come true.

Does that mean us regular-joes should give up on having a kitchen we love? No way! Instead, let’s take note of what they did well and look for creative ways to work our inspiration with our budgets.

Here’s a look inside these 10 celebrity kitchens.

1. Pattern Love

In her break-out role of Lizzie McGuire, Hillary Duff played a character who loved to play with pattern.

In her home, it is obvious that this love of pattern isn’t purely fiction. In her kitchen, it is impossible to miss the zig-zag tile covering her backsplash and the base of her island. According to Better Homes and Gardens, Duff intentionally paired vintage and contemporary design to embrace her personal aesthetic.

Duff’s kitchen is a perfect example of how to embrace your personality in your design choices.

In Duff’s kitchen, the pairing of vintage and contemporary design is most obvious with rustic, hardwood floors and sleek, white countertops. Most importantly, she seems to have done a really great job being true to her own tastes, even as she has remarried, had another child, and moved into more grown-up roles since Lizzie McGuire.

2. Kitchen Anatomy

Although Ellen Pompeo no longer owns her home in Los Angelos, she gets the credit for the beautiful kitchen.

There is no question, in this breathtaking kitchen, the terra cotta floors steal the show. Of course, the rest of the kitchen is perfect as well, with top-of-the-line, stainless steel appliances and plenty of counter space for food prep. In 2018, the Grey’s Anatomy star put her home on the market with a listing price of $2.795 million according to Today.

Being the highest-paid woman on television has it’s perks, like providing your family with a beautiful home.

It is obvious that Pompeo invested some serious time, thought, and money into the design of her kitchen. According to Architectural Digest, the pot rack, which features gorgeous, gleaming, copper pots, is custom made and the backsplash is marble. You don’t have to be the highest-paid person in your industry to have a kitchen inspired by Ellen Pompeo — reclaimed terra cotta tiling can be found on Etsy.

A lot of glitz, with a touch of comfort.

According to Elle, the black floors are stained ebony. The actress told the magazine she wanted to embrace the part of her that loves bold and flashy without giving up her hope of a comfortable place to call home. If you’re looking to add a little of Diaz’s design to your home, this brass faucet by Kraus is so chic.

3. Light and Bright

Marisa Tomei put her apartment on the market in 2018, but that wasn’t before she added her own design to the space.

According to Architectural Digest, this beautiful apartment actually began as two units. Her kitchen is refreshingly down-to-earth, with white cabinets, white tiling, and stainless steel appliances. The floors are beautiful, made from cork, but my eye is really drawn to the blue, geometric wallpaper. Check out a pretty similar wallpaper design at Chasing Paper.

In an understated kitchen like Tomei’s, the genius is truly in the details.

There is nothing particularly flashy about the design of Tomei’s kitchen in her GreenwichVillage home, but that doesn’t make it any less breathtaking. Surrounding by bright white and muted colors, the vintage, red chairs really catch your eye. The white geometric chandelier hanging above is another eye-catching detail — a similar option is available at IKEA.

4. Indoor-Outdoor Living

With the perfect weather of Malibu, it makes sense that Courtney Cox has an indoor-outdoor kitchen at her Malibu home.

She tells the LA Times that the entire home was designed to have indoor-outdoor functionality, but that this is especially true in her outdoor kitchen. A beautiful, flagstone patio covers the entire outdoor space which features both casual, outdoor furniture and a formal dining area.

Eat outside and prepare food with a view of the party.

A bartop looks directly into the open kitchen. Like much of Cox’s home, the kitchen has a modern design. Elements found throughout include a lot of black, white, and metal. According to the LA Times, Cox doesn’t change much from her home and we can see why. The choices she has made are practically timeless. Did I mentioned there’s also a pool?

5. Jesse Tyler Ferguson Cooks

Although he is famous for his role in Modern Family, this actor has a fun side gig hosting a cooking show in his own kitchen.

If you’ve had a chance to watch Julie & Jessie Cook, you’ve seen inside Ferguson’s kitchen.  His kitchen is a fun contrast of light and dark, with dark blue cabinets underneath the counters and bright white up above. The white tiling is a great addition to this very clean space, but it’s the faux wood grain wallpaper that really catches the eye.

A kitchen that is both functional and nice to look at.

It’s obvious that Ferguson spends a lot of time in his kitchen, and as I cook I was looking for signs that he is whipping up delicious meals in this space. With bowls stacked underneath the island, a cutting board on the island ready for use, and knives within reach on a magnetic strip, this is a kitchen that doesn’t feel too beautiful to make a mess.

6. You’re Making Us Blush

Step inside the home of singer-songwriter Paloma Faith, and her love of quirky design is very clear.

The music artist lives in London and designed her apartment herself, according to Architectural DigestShe told the magazine that every part of her home is a part of who she is, right down to her black and pink kitchen, where the lightly stained hardwood floors are the most modest part of the decor.

A touch of vintage, a little modern, and a whole lot of love for one specific color.

The color scheme in this kitchen? Pink, pink, and more pink. It isn’t obnoxious like you might expect. Instead, the pink fridge and pink walls look uber-classy. The kitchen has a very modern look, with gold pendant lights, black cabinets, and a black stove I’m dying to give a test run.

7. All About The Brass

Cameron Diaz chose to accent her kitchen with brass, from the cabinet fixtures to the backsplash.

I’m totally in love with the combination of the rich and shiny brass with the dark, emerald green cabinets. This is a dark room and not every home can handle this many dark colors, but it looks fabulous with natural light coming in from the right. Plus, the ornate chandelier really brightens up the space.

8. Classic Vintage

This kitchen is a far cry from the rag-tag abode of her Shameless character and the rest of the Gallagher crew.

Emmy Rossum, well known as the oldest child of the six struggling children of an alcoholic, single-father in Shameless, has a beautiful, classy apartment in New York City. She remodeled the one-bedroom apartment with the help of Elle. While the entire home is beautiful, it is her kitchen totally steals the show.

Dark and sleek design elements with vintage details.

My favorite piece in the entire kitchen is the vintage rug, which Elle reports was sourced from Stark. Alongside the rug, the gold cabinet hardware really adds complexity to a simply designed kitchen. It isn’t large by any stretch of the imagination, but it looks like the perfect space to prep meals for two before heading off for a busy day of work.

9. Worthy of a Chef

As an executive chef and food personality, it makes sense the Marc Murphy has a kitchen worth writing about.

Accessibility is the theme of Marc Murphy’s kitchen in his home in Hampton’s. Since he spends so much time tucked away in the kitchens of his restaurants, he wanted his home kitchen to be joined to the living, where he could chat with his family while cooking. With a massive island that can seat as many as ten, anyone can get involved in the cooking.

A room with a view.

His kitchen is pristine, with white cabinets and countertops and lightly stained wood floors. It almost appears that the space is never dirty, but nothing good can be cooked without making a little mess. The best part of the design? Looking out at the Atlantic Ocean while stirring food at the stove.

10. Keeping Up

Kourtney Kardashian is well-known for her healthy lifestyle, and she’s got a kitchen that helps her stay on top of nutritious cooking.

If you love Keeping up With the Kardashians, you’ve probably seen inside of Kourtney’s beautiful kitchen. Like much of her house (which happens to be over 11,000 square feet), the kitchen has neutral, limestone floors. Glass pendant lights hang in a straight line down the middle and two islands with white counter-tops give her plenty of cooking space.

Of course, the kitchen is beautiful, but have you seen inside the pantry?

Earlier this year, My Domaine did an entire feature on Kourtney’s walk-in pantry and it was well-deserved. The organization of the pantry is impeccable, with floor-to-ceiling shelving neatly filled with healthy foods. Pantry staples like flour and cereal are stored in glass jars and smaller items can be found in matching, wicker baskets.

Which celebrity kitchen is your favorite? Have you tried to mimic their styles in your own home?



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