Kim Kardashian Is Going After Jack In The Box, And We’re Scared

kim Kardashian jack in the box

Celebrities — they eat fast food just like we do. It’s been reported that after awards shows, they often flock to locations like In-N-Out for a quick bite, since they no longer need to be red carpet-ready. But for Kim Kardashian, her fast food craving took place on an average Monday.

Kardashian is a pretty powerful celebrity. Not only did she help launch the Kardashian empire, but she’s married to Kanye West — and the two of them just welcomed a fourth child. Despite her fame, she’s also expressed interest in becoming a lawyer someday. It’s pretty inspirational to know she still has major life goals, even though it’s puzzling as to how she finds the time.

Having a newborn at home is more or less the best reason to call in for fast food. Kardashian’s little boy Psalm was born via surrogate, and much like the rest of her kids, the world was fascinated by his chosen name. Even though she didn’t have to go into labor, she still has a lot of work in front of her. Newborns aren’t on a set sleep schedule, which means that fast food is often the optimal choice to keep the family fed and happy.

Kardashian must have gone to Jack in the Box and witnessed something she felt was wrong. She wanted to let the company know, but didn’t want to put them under total blast.

Since she currently has 60.7 million followers (seriously), any negative message she sent about the chain would have a severe impact on the company. She’s a powerful person.


But, she wanted to reiterate that it wasn’t an interaction she had as Kim Kardashian. In fact, she actually stated that nobody recognized her at the location, which might have been a first.

Instead, the thing she complained about was something that also affected other customers. And no, it wasn’t a wrong order.

So, what could it have been? An unattended soda fountain spill? Maybe bugs? It’s hard to tell.

Jack in the Box saw the message, but had some difficulty DMing Kardashian as she requested.

Probably because Kardashian doesn’t follow Jack in the Box. But, they shouldn’t be insulted — she keeps her follower list at 146.

Burger King also got in on the action, because, well, that’s what fast food Twitter accounts do. Let’s just sit and wait to see if Wendy’s joins the conversation as well.

A lot of her fans joked that the reality star may be trying hard to use some of her lawyer skills on the fast food company. Especially based on her usage of words in the clarifying tweet.

But, more fans were just concerned about what went down. It’s almost like Kim Kardashian teased a secret that nobody will ever learn about.

The fact that Kardashian tried to contact corporate instead of the store manager says something. Maybe she witnessed the manager acting inappropriately. No matter what, the fact that she put it on Twitter at all is huge.

It’s possible she just didn’t want to make a scene, but realized how much she was bothered by what she saw. If she wasn’t identified, this could have also happened through a drive-thru, where getting a manager would hold up the line.

Some people joked that she should just buy out the franchise. She might be able to, but hopefully, her money will be going towards her upcoming education and her four gorgeous kids instead.

For the most part, people felt honored that Kardashian admitted she goes to Jack in the Box. It’s nice to know that not every meal she eats needs to be nutritional and diet-specific.

We may never know why she tried to get their attention on Twitter. That is, unless the plot comes up on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Hopefully, she’s on the phone with someone from Jack in the Box now, getting the answers she deserves. But, uh — should the rest of us avoid the chain until it’s straightened out?

If you live close to Kim, maybe you should choose another location for lunch. Just to be on the safe side.

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