Kylie Jenner’s Tweet About Cereal Is Truly Breaking The Internet

kylie jenner cereal

To us, a life-changing experience would be something along the lines of winning the lottery, witnessing a miracle, or landing a dream job. But for Kylie Jenner, eating cereal with milk totally rocked her world. That’s right — one of America’s richest, self-made female moguls was totally blown away by what we consider a no-brainer food combo. And having shared her world-altering revelation on Twitter, the internet can’t quite handle the truth.

Kylie took to Twitter on September 18th to share that after 21 years of being alive, she finally ate a classic bowl of cereal. The tweet catalyzed an internet explosion where boggled followers begged Kylie to explain how this can possibly be true.

“Whatchu been eating it with? Money? Liquid Gold?” one follower asked. Another tweeted back, “Maybe she thought you had to be 21 to drink milk?” No one could quite figure this one out.

For us, it was Kylie’s nonchalant attitude with her tweet that really sent us spiraling. No capitalization and the use of periods rather than exclamation points didn’t seem to fit with the absurd message. Kylie, you just combined cereal and milk. That’s nuts and we all know it!

“last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing,” Kylie tweeted.

The replies to Kylie’s tweet — and there were a lot of them — are pretty hilarious. Even Seth Rogen and Perez Hilton had to say something about the tweet that sent shockwaves through the interwebs.

Kylie did her best to clean up the mess she made by answering some fan-submitted questions. Although, we’re still baffled.

Listen, Kylie, we don’t know how you’ve come this far without ever having tried cereal with milk. Are we placing this information in our folder filled with proof that the Kardashian-Jenner fam might be beautiful aliens? Yes. We’re trying hard not to judge, but girl — what the Froot Loops?

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