Dunkin' Donuts Is Selling Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders To Beat McDonald's

Dunkin’ Donuts Is Selling Waffle Breaded Chicken Tenders To Beat McDonald’s

These days, it’s not outlandish for a chain known for one popular product to try and mix their menu up. For example, remember IHOP? (Or, should I say IHOb?) Now, Dunkin’ Donuts is straying from their typical breakfast selections to offer something they’ve never been equated with. And it seems like quite a daring move.

Dunkin’ Donuts is looking to get in on the snack market, and is now offering the ultimate protein snack — chicken. But not just any chicken — waffle breaded chicken tenders. According to Delish, you can grab a pack of two tenders for $2 (which reminds us of a certain dollar menu…). Since they’re coated in waffle batter, that kind of makes them a breakfast food, right?

These will also be a hit with anyone looking for a portable version of chicken and waffles. It might not exactly be the same type of experience, but it’ll quickly satisfy your craving. And if you’re tired of McDonald’s nuggets and want something new, Dunkin’ is clearly looking at you.

If waffle breaded chicken tenders aren’t your thing (which doesn’t make sense to me, but you do you), the chain is offering other wonderful snacks as well. Remember when they were testing out donut fries? Well, they’re officially on the menu, along with pretzel bites, ham and cheese roll-ups,  and a gluten-free fudge brownie — since those who can’t process gluten also deserve fast food happiness.

Here’s what the tenders look like, along with a few other snacks that might not have made the cut during testing:

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to be the most pumped about the donut fries, as their Instagram is overflowing with delicious pictures and videos.

Still, the chicken tenders are nothing to sneeze at. This can be a good gateway to other fun menu items. Who knows? Maybe they’ll add mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers next. Or, perhaps they’ll start serving Big Mac-style burgers to complete the trifecta? Either way, Dunkin’ isn’t only trying to beat McDonald’s at their own game — they’re also trying to become your one-stop shop for all things fast food.

If you, too, believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we highly recommend our cereal-inspired layer cake…which is made in a waffle iron.

That’s right. We take our morning treats very seriously.