Peeps Coffee Is Dunkin's Newest Drink For Spring

Dunkin’ Just Announced A Peeps-Flavored Coffee For Spring

When we say springtime, you say Peeps! And when we say Dunkin’, you say Peeps coffee! Yes, it’s true. Come April 1st, Dunkin’ will release a Peeps-flavored coffee, and man, we hope this isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank.

In honor of the spring season, Dunkin’ is reportedly teaming up with Peeps’s parent company, Just Born, to release a Peeps-flavored coffee and a Peeps donut.

This isn’t the first time Dunkin’ and Peeps have come together to create springtime magic. In 2014, a flower-shaped Peeps donut hit Dunkin’s bakery shelves. But the updated 2019 version is going to look a bit different than its predecessor. This time around, the iconic yellow chick sits atop a pink-frosted, egg-shaped donut with green-colored sprinkles.

Yeah, it’s almost too cute to eat. Almost.

And just like most of Dunkin’s specialty coffees, customers can order a hot, iced, or frozen Peeps-flavored beverage.

The chain is also offering espresso versions of the Peeps coffee, too.

Although we can’t say for sure what this flavor is going to taste like, we can assume you probably won’t need additional sugar added because, well, Peeps are just pure sugar.

However, you do you and order your coffee how you like it.

Dunkin’ fans are more than ready to try out the Peeps collab. Bring on the chicks!

Honestly, Dunkin’ can do no wrong. We have blind faith in our fave cheap coffee chain.

And yeah. We have blind faith in Peeps, too.

Not mad at all. Actually, kind of excited/happy/stoked/freaking out.

Do it, Bill. You just might like it.

The only problem with this news is the fact that the Peeps coffee is coming out on April 1st. We have blind faith, but we’re also skeptics at heart.

You better not be playing with our emotions, Dunkin’. We’d be so crushed.

Other people aren’t so sure about this upcoming mashup. It could be sugar overload.

When you really think about it — what do Peeps taste like? Anything?

Will there be little bits of pink and yellow glitter swirling around in the coffee? That could be cute, right?

Alright. Cool your jets. They’re just Peeps!

Fine. We won’t press you about this any further.

Listen, we’ll definitely give Dunkin’s Peeps-flavored coffee a try. And there’s no wrong way to do a Peeps-flavored donut, so we’ll grab one of them, too.

If this whole thing just turns out to be one big prank, then we’ll silently weep and make our own darn Peeps coffee.

Don’t do us dirty, Dunkin’.

Don’t do it.

Peeps us, Dunkin’.

We’re so ready.