A Rat Dropped From The Ceiling At This Fast Food Chain, And Nothing Is Sacred

buffalo wild wings rat

We didn’t think “rat” was on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings. But today, we stand corrected. A customer at the Westchester, Los Angeles, Buffalo Wild Wings was in for a shock when a live rat dropped from the ceiling onto her menu. The chain manager blamed ongoing construction within the shopping center in which the Buffalo Wild Wings is located. But in our opinion, we think it was more of a Pixar’s Ratatouille scenario.

“You could hear something come down, and then plop. It landed on the table,” the unsuspecting customer, Alisha Norman, told NBC Los Angeles. Norman, who is visiting from Texas, added, “I knew the rat was going to be injured because it hit like a Mack truck.”

Sadly, for the other rat cast members in this real-life Ratatouille, this rodent’s fall was fatal. The manager hurried over to Norman’s table and quickly took care of the crime scene.

“[The manager] took two plates and then they just picked it up and dumped it in a bag,” Norman continued. “It was terrible. It was disgusting.” He then covered Norman’s lunch tab to make up for the rodent mishap.

Luckily, Norman wasn’t angry about being dive-bombed by the rat. She’s merely grossed out. Honestly… same.

Once this story hit Twitter, this GIF pretty much summed up everyone’s opinions. *Panic sets in*

Where were these rubber gloves when the manager needed them? We hope the plates he used were instantly smashed into a million pieces.

Hey, gang — try out the new Rat Diet. It’s a surefire way to be turned off chicken wings forever.

Truth be told, we really can’t believe that Norman went through with eating lunch there. But hey, a free lunch is a good lunch, right?

Right? RIGHT?

If this is some sort of odd marketing tactic to introduce a new kind of “wing,” we’re not buying it. In fact, we’re leaving Earth because of it.

It’s sadly all starting to make sense now… Someone help us.

Sure. But that doesn’t make it right.

We think you’re missing the point, Bob. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to rats!

Summer’s point is much more relatable. Sorry not sorry, Bob.

Um, yeah. Us too.

Girl… No!

Remember, not all Buffalo Wild Wings locations have suicidal rats. Generally, they’re safe to eat at.

But with that being said, we may just go on a quick, totally unrelated Buffalo Wild Wings cleanse.

Where there’s one rat… Well, you get the idea.


Give Norman a medal for keeping her cool under rat-induced pressure. If it were us, we would have run all the way back to Texas.

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