Sonic Is Now Making The Deep-Fried Oreos Of Our Dreams

sonic deep-fried Oreo

Do you remember where you were when you first heard about deep-fried Oreos? What used to be food that was reserved for the County Fair is now a popular staple at plenty of places. The idea has been credited towards San Diego resident Charlie Boghosian, who was known to fry everything. It was introduced in 2002, which is when the world became a much more delicious place.

Now, you won’t have to seek out a carnival in order to find them easily. Unless you want to invest in a deep fryer, this is the next best thing. Sonic will be offering up deep-fried Oreos within a dish they call “Oreo A La Mode,” which takes the delicious snack and makes it even better.

Judging by the name, you probably guessed it — vanilla ice cream is involved. According to Food Business News, the people behind Sonic were all about the comfort that a hot and cold combination would bring. The Oreos are also being introduced along with another dessert called Cinnabon Cinnasnacks A La Mode, which is the ideal treat for cinnamon bun fans.

“Balancing the richness of your favorite warm dessert with the refreshing creaminess of ice cream has become common practice for a reason,” Scott Uehlein, vice-president of product innovation and development for Sonic, said, per the publication. “With the new Oreo and Cinnasnacks A La Mode, we took what many traditionally do with a pie or brownie fresh from the oven to create an entirely new experience.”

If you’ve never seen a deep-fried Oreo before, here’s what you’re missing:

Seriously, just look at it. It’s beautiful.

Of course, if your New Year’s resolution was to stop snacking so much, these might not be the best choice. CalorieKing states that there are around 890 calories in five cookies.

Five probably seems like a lot, but think about it. It’s pretty easy to polish off five if you’re openly grazing.

Here’s the good news. You probably don’t have to wait too long. Oreo fans have already reported seeing the new product at Sonic. So if you’re in the mood for a deep-fried Oreo right now, you may be in luck.

They’re especially hard to resist after seeing this ad. It makes you wonder what took a fast food company this long to get on board the fried Oreo train.

But as it turns out, they’re not the first to offer up a deep-fried favorite. Long John Silver’s sometimes offers up deep-fried Twinkies.

That might sound like a strange pairing next to seafood, but hey, you do you.

Even though the Oreo dessert over at Sonic looks incredible, nothing will ever compare to the Oreos you can get at the fair. Yes, they mostly taste the same, but there’s something fun about eating an indulgent snack in such a fun environment.

Still, Sonic has a great product on their hands. In case you’re still on the fence about trying this out, your mind may change after seeing this gif they tweeted:

It definitely got the attention it deserved. Most fans of fried food would agree with this response.

So far, the dessert doesn’t have any negative reviews. You can bet money it’ll stay that way.

Because there’s nothing better than a deep-fried Oreo. Except, maybe, a deep-fried Twinkie.

Actually, scratch that. Anything that’s deep-fried is pretty incredible. But since the Oreo is America’s Favorite Cookie, it brings a bit more to the table.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an Oreo A La Mode to make up for the fact that it’s only Monday.

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