Fans Are Horrified By How Chrissy Teigen Cooks For Her Family

chrissy teigen cooking

It’s seriously impossible for celebrities on social media to live a life free of critics. Every word they say and move they make are analyzed with a microscope. One of our favorite celebs to love (that so many love to hate), none other than Chrissy Teigen, was under fire on Twitter for one of her videos.

On Instagram, over the weekend, Teigen posted an Instagram Story of her making kimchi, almost elbows-deep in the pot. And naturally, everyone criticized her on Twitter. Fans got upset over the fact that she wasn’t wearing gloves and that she was using her hands to begin with.

But with all of the critics comes ten times more supporters. Teigen ended up being backed by so many fans and followers that the people complaining about her were practically forced out of the conversation. She even got the approval of Momofuku mastermind David Chang for her technique.

And in proper Chrissy Teigen fashion, she took this opportunity to troll and joke about the whole thing, claiming that next time, she’s just going to use her feet instead.

Loving this article? We have a feeling that you (and Chrissy Teigen) will dig this spicy avocado toast video:

Basically, from these interactions, we’ve learned a few things: some people think gloves should be worn when cooking for family members, a lot of people don’t actually know that kimchi is commonly made with your hands, and Chrissy Teigen literally does not care what you have to say about her and the way she cooks (which happens to be the most normal way).

And for the record, we’d love if you came to our cookouts, Chrissy! Keep making kimchi like you do.

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