These Singing Syrup Bottles Are Going Viral Because People Can’t Stop Laughing

ihop singing syrup bottles
ihop singing syrup bottles

Well, it looks like people are once again embracing the fact that IHOP has pancakes. Sorry, IHOB. The popular chain is getting noticed once again, but it’s not based on anything they’ve actually done. Well, aside from providing tables with an arrangement of syrup. While waiting for dinner to arrive, a fan managed to set up the syrups to look like they were lip-synching to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and of course, it managed to start a trend.

It’s hard to pinpoint why lip-synching is such a big thing these days. Though you can point fingers at Jimmy Fallon for starting the trend based on a late-night segment, shows like Lip Sync Battle are keeping the art alive. It’s kind of a perfect hobby if you love music but weren’t blessed with the vocals to belt it out yourself.

On television, it’s actual celebrities mimicking lyrics and creating choreography. It’s only apparent now that syrup can also join in on the fun.

The initial syrup video was created by Jake Guthrie, who uploaded it on Twitter on October 7th. Currently, it has over 1.59 million views. Over 40,000 people retweeted it, meaning that it made the rounds and inspired other sugar-coated tunes.

One of them even got the attention of IHOP, who managed to put in a request.

In fact, they seem quite pleased that their assortment of singing syrups is trending for such a strange reason.

You can’t deny it — it’s pretty funny. And we need all the funny things we can get these days. Also, it’s such a harmless trend that anyone can partake in it. All you need is a strong knowledge of one particular song and a craving for pancakes. As for songs, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

For example, this group turned their syrup bottles into the Spice Girls:

And as requested by IHOP, this popular Def Leppard cover is spot-on:

Looks like you have yet another reason to visit IHOP this weekend.

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