People Are Throwing This Food On Babies Because Of A Viral Challenge, And It’s Not Cool

Slice of Cheese

The internet is a bizarre place — but we probably don’t need to tell you that. After the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and the #ZoomChallenge peaked last year, it was only a matter of time before 2019 got its first viral #challenge. So we shouldn’t be shocked by the latest viral craze, the #CheesedChallenge (sometimes shortened to #cheesed). However, we are. To achieve success at the challenge, one must throw a slice of cheese onto a baby’s head. If it sticks, you’ve won.

And wait — how has this gone viral?

According to NBC New York, the #cheesed challenge started with Twitter user @unclehxlmes, who shared a video of a baby getting a slice chucked at his head. The tweet, which quickly went viral, has since been deleted. “Just to let you all know,” @unclehxlmes tweeted on March 1st, “that cheese tweet isnt my lil brother and ive deleted it. didnt expect it to get THAT viral lmaoooo.”

“Lmaoooo” is right. Sure, some will defend the #CheesedChallenge by saying it’s a just silly prank. But come on — whipping sliced cheese at our next generation? It’s kind of messed up!

Of course, the #CheesedChallenge has now expanded from just babies to dogs, cats, moms, dads, grandparents, etc. However, babies are still getting the brunt of the dairy attacks. And for what?

What did these helpless infants do to deserve such disrespect?

“This phenomenon is not child abuse and is generally not meant to harm the child,” Children’s Rights executive director Sandy Santana told NBC New York.

“But parents should, first and foremost, treat their children with care.

Throwing cheese at helpless babies can, in some cases, shock them and lead to unnecessary discomfort.

Is that really worth a few social media likes?”

Um — probably not.

Similar to the #ZoomChallenge of 2018 — that being the challenge where people were having their friends yank their legs to make it look like they were “zooming” across the floor — people are drastically divided on the #CheeseChallenge.

Granted, people are not getting hurt like they were during the #ZoomChallenge:

But people on Twitter are pissed about babies getting smacked with processed cheese slices just for likes on social media. “You are an idiot,” one person tweeted at those posting challenge videos.

“Have some self respect,” another added. And some respect for those babies, we say!

There are more constructive things we can be doing with our kids, some argue.

#StopDoingStupidStuff is a good motto to live by, btw.

Honestly, we can’t remember a single viral parenting trend before this one.

The #CheeseChallenge has trumped them all.

“Here’s a challenge: Be a compassionate parent on 5 hours of sleep a night in ways that don’t involve dairy product facials,” Jessica Delfino wrote.

She tagged her post #cheesus. Nice.

Even the Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, is not on board with the cheesy prank. “I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me,” she tweeted on March 3rd.

However, others partaking in the viral game say they’re doing so in the name of fun.

How much harm can a single slice of cheese really cause?

And besides — the kids get to eat the cheese after they get dairy slapped. So, it truly is a win-win.

Plus, some babies find the challenge just as funny as their parents do.

Who doesn’t love to see a lil baby laugh?

This cheese-on-cheese double whammy was so unexpected. But that little kid took it like a champ.

Perhaps those who disagree with the baby aspect should try to #CheeseChallenge an unsuspecting adult instead. Just make sure they’re not lactose intolerant.

Or, #CheeseChallenge a slice of bread. Or a dog.

What are your thoughts on the #CheesedChallenge? Chances are, just like most viral trends, it will be out of style within a week.

So, if you’re into it, get your #cheesed on sooner than later.

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