Starbucks Has Been Offering This Free Deal For Years And No One Had A Clue

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Um… we’re honestly shook. Did you know that you can get free refills at StarbucksAnd did you know that we could have been getting free refills at Starbucks for years? Where have we been? We didn’t think we were living under a rock, but now we’re questioning everything.

Perhaps the reason that this deal is kept so under wraps is because of the fact that there’s actually a major catch. Unfortunately, you can’t just show up to your local Starbucks with an empty cup and say “more please.” If so, you know everyone would abuse the heck out of that policy, us included.

Rather, according to the fine print in the Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use, one must use the Starbucks Mobile app or a registered Starbucks Card to pay for your first drink. Then, one must present the app or the Starbucks Card to the barista when you want to request a refill.

So…*technically* you can get a free refill. But you just need to jump through a few hoops to do so.

Furthermore, your free refill cannot be the same fancy drink you previously ordered. Instead, you can only grab a free “brewed coffee (hot, Iced Coffee or Cold Brew), and tea (hot, or iced) during the same store visit regardless of the original beverage,” as stated by Starbucks Customer Support in 2012.

Yeah. Same.

We’re all currently in a state of shock. We thought our friends would have cued us into this but…

No. Sadly, you’re not.

Of course, those of you who basically live at your local Starbucks are probably thinking, “yeah, no kidding. Old news, people!” And fine, be that way. We’re just a little behind — that’s all!

And that’s the other other catch: free refills are only given out during a single visit. You can’t grab a drink, leave, and return later to get another free drink. They’re watching you.

Now that we all know the rule, use it wisely. If everything goes according to plan, your barista should oblige.

And if your barista is *very* nice, they may even bend the rules a little. However, don’t push it.

We said, don’t push it! Abusing the free refill privilege is a good way to make enemies at your local Starbs.

TBH, we’re just glad we’re not the only ones who were unaware of this policy. We uneducated Starbucks drinkers need to stick together.

Well…Yeah, you’re right, actually.

Now, if only other coffee/juice places instated the same policy. That would be a true miracle.

We have woken up. Our lives are forever changed.

We’re not trying to con Starbucks. But we also might con Starbucks.

Welp, looks like this is our life now. And we’re not mad about it.


If you’ve yet to get the Starbucks Mobile app or Starbucks Card, it’s time for you to do so. Free drinks are at stake, people! Free drinks!

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