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Kendall Jenner Compared Her Legs To Cranberries, And The Comments Are Crazy

Remember when everyone was posting photos of themselves at the beach with the caption “hot dogs or legs?” We think Kendall Jenner is trying to bring that back, but in a weird way. Earlier today, May 23rd, Jenner posted a photo of herself poolside, and in the caption, she compared her legs not to hot dogs, but cranberries. Um… huh?

Our first thought upon reading the caption, which was literally just “cranberry legs,” is that Jenner is trying to draw attention to a possible cranberry-red sunburn on her mega-long gams. However, there’s really no redness to be found. Her legs are the same color as the rest of her body, which is a typical post-pool day bronze.

Maybe “cranberry legs” is referring to something on her phone, which is in Jenner’s hand. Perhaps she’s playing a new game called “cranberry legs.” Or maybe she just discovered a new band by the name of “cranberry legs.”

We’re literally grasping at straws, here, Kendall. What the heck are you talking about?

Just when we thought Jenner’s caption was the strangest thing we’ve read today, we started scrolling through the comments. The model’s followers are now adding their two cents to the “cranberry legs” conversation, which is something we didn’t know we needed, and still aren’t sure if we do.

First, sister Khloé Kardashian piped up and compared Jenner’s legs to ostrich legs. She wins the “most normal comment” award for the day, which is kind of scary.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

This comment is almost as confusing as “cranberry legs,” but at least her legs are more similar in color to peanut butter than cranberries.

Let’s just hope Luka Sabbat (who was reportedly with Jenner at the pool) is referring to smooth peanut butter rather than crunchy.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

We don’t know who Lizzy Long Legs is. We hope she’s nice for Jenner’s sake.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Um… Well…

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Are you implying that Kendall Jenner is hiding six legs from us? Interesting theory.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

That’s nice. Just because they’re cranberry legs does not mean they cannot also be beautiful legs.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

We’re not sure what this means either, TBH. Like the vanilla roll cake with the swirl in the middle?

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Some people just wanted to know how Jenner’s legs are actually a real thing. They’re just so long.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Don’t bother asking. At this point, we don’t even want to know anymore.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Join the club, dude. We’re all in this confused state together.

@kendalljenner / Instagram

Kendall, stop trying to make “cranberry legs” happen. It’s not going to happen.

We’re perfectly fine with the oldie but goodie “hot dog legs,” okay? It’s not broken. So don’t fix it.

We like the game. It’s fun for us.

So either join in or butt out. Gosh.

If anyone close to Kendall Jenner reads this, please help us all out and clarify what she meant by that caption. We would greatly appreciate it.