25 Pie Crust Designs That Will Make You Feel Like You Won A Baking Competition Show

Pie Crust Designs

When some people think of pie, they only think of Thanksgiving. And while it definitely wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, we’re firm believers that every season is pie season. Pie is delicious all year ‘round. Fruit pie, chocolate pie, custard pie, and even savory pie is always welcome at our table. Now, in 2019, we’re stepping up our dessert game with fancy pie crust designs, and we challenge you to do the same. Because even though a yummy pie is all about the taste, it’s a nice bonus when it looks great, too.

After you master your pie flavors, it’s time to perfect your pie presentation. Once you know how to make pie crust and you learn a few genius pie hacks, the sky’s the limit. You can create incredibly intricate pie designs using cookie cutters and items you have sitting around the house.

If you need some inspiration for how to decorate your dough, look to these gorgeous pie designs. Every single one will wow your guests. Not to mention they’ll impress your Instagram followers, too. Best of all, even though these look crazy difficult, most of them are actually pretty doable. So grab your rolling pin and plenty of flour, because it’s time to get crafty and whip up some pretty pie designs.

1. An Oversized Lattice Pie Design

Who says a lattice has to be perfectly parallel? Not this pie crust.

2. A Wood-Textured Pie Design

It’s almost too cute to eat. (Almost.)

3. A Lattice + Braided Hybrid Pie Design

So. Many. Pie. Designs. In. One.

4. A Heartwarming Pie Design

The cookie cutter technique is simple, yet so effective.

5. A Star-Studded Pie Design

And it’s just as pretty with stars, too.

6. A Hole-y Pie Design

Hole-y cow. This is incredible.

7. A Cheery Cherry Pie Design

Real cherry, meet dough cherry. You two are going to get along famously.

8. A Rosy Pie Design

It’s so beautiful, we almost forgot there was filling underneath.

9. A Painted Pie Design

We’re giving you permission to get creative with food coloring.

10. A Beautifully Braided Pie Design

Have you ever seen more perfect plaits?

11. A Windmill Pie Design

It’ll blow your eyes and your tastebuds away.

12. A Swirling Vortex Pie Design

It’s hypnotizingly delicious.

13. A Chevron Pie Design

This is SO Pinterest-approved.

14. A “You Want a Piece of Me?” Pie Design

Yes, yes we do. In fact, we’ll take two.

15. A Peek-a-Boo Pie Design

Give your guests a peek at the goods.

16. A Home State Pie Design

Show some love for your home state.

17. A Delicate Pin-Poke Pie Design

Go as big or as small as you want.

18. A Chain Link Pie Design

It’s easy to make and fun to eat.

19. An Apple Basket Pie Design

We can’t handle the cuteness.

20. A Textured Lattice Pie Design

It’s such a small design tweak, but it adds SO much.

21. A Heart Cutout Pie Design

Bake it for the person who has your heart.

22. A Patriotic Pie Design

The stars and stripes forever.

23. A See-Through Pie Design

It’s woodsy-chic.

24. A Classic Lattice Pie Design

You really can’t go wrong with a classic.

25. A Royally Delicious Pie Design

This pie is a work of art and it belongs in a museum. If you can recreate this pie design, please tell us all of your secrets.

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