What Pizza Topping You’d Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

pizza zodiac

Ordering a pizza after a long week always feels like a special occasion (especially if you’re splurging for garlic bread, too), so it’s totally acceptable if it takes forever for you to decide what toppings to order. Do you go for something nostalgic and fun like cheeseburger pizza? Mac ‘n cheese pizza? Or do you go for a pie that’s a bit more mature, such as one with olives and mushrooms? Then again, maybe you’re more of a pizza purist and prefer no toppings except for a sprinkling of parmesan or red pepper flakes. There is no wrong answer when it comes to pizza.

To help us make such a monumental decision, we’re taking a look at how the twelve zodiac signs and pizza toppings intersect. What type of pizza would a lovable Pisces order? How about the perfect pie for a Taurus who wants to treat themselves? Using each sign’s personality, we’re taking a look at which topping is a perfect match. So next time you order a pie (or two), it will be much easier for you to make a decision. Let the stars be your guide.

Crushed Red Pepper

Sign: Aries

Though some may shy away from the punch that crushed red pepper packs, an Aries isn’t afraid of a little kick. That’s because, more often than not, they act as that kick in the pants themselves. Not afraid of hard work and dedication, this zodiac sign always brings the heat.

Fresh Parmesan

Sign: Taurus

Fresh parmesan can turn an ordinary pizza into a gourmet meal, and that’s exactly why it’s a must for a Taurus who likes to take things up a notch. If there’s one sign that wants to work hard and then play hard, it’s this one — so grab your cheese grater!


Sign: Gemini

Pineapple on pizza isn’t everybody’s first choice, but a Gemini wouldn’t be able to handle their curiosity. However, with their black and white personality, we imagine that this sign would either love or hate this topping choice. There will be no in-between.


Sign: Cancer

As an emotional sign who isn’t afraid to embrace their feels, we like to think that you’d indulge in this nostalgic pie. A cheeseburger and pizza combined? It’s a comforting meal straight out of a dream. And if you choose to eat this whole pie alone after a bad day — no judgement!


Sign: Leo

Bacon and pizza are two popular favorites, so combining them sounds like the greatest invention known to humanity. This is a pizza that’s meant to shine, much like a Leo whose personality is simply irresistible. Add a garlic crust, and you have a Leo in pizza form.


Sign: Virgo

If you put arugula on pizza, does that negate the fact that it’s unhealthy? A Virgo would like to think so — especially since they’re the type to stick to a New Year’s resolution all year-round. Though others may judge you, Virgo, you put your health above all else.


Sign: Libra

Pesto and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly. For the perfect balance of Italian food goodness, we could picture a Libra placing several dollops on top of their pie. It makes the pizza just a tad bit fancier, and will also add some green to your plate.


Sign: Scorpio

Olives on pizza is a choice for the type of person who knows exactly what they want. It’s for the Scorpios amongst us who like to skirt expectations and follow their heart (or stomach). This brave sign would give olives a try any day of the week — and they’ll stick with them, too!


Sign: Sagittarius

Pizza can be so typical, can’t it? Straying away from the everyday, a Sagittarius would want to make a fresh pie with fresh basil, likely because they’ve already traveled to the best pizza parlors in their neighborhood — and maybe even Italy — and know what the real stuff tastes like.


Sign: Capricorn

Mushroom on pizza is a mature choice for the type of zodiac sign that has good self-control and an experienced palate. It’s for the quality-over-quantity Capricorn who likes to make sure they get their veggies in no matter what (even on an indulgent pizza night).

Mac ‘N Cheese

Sign: Aquarius

Mac ‘n cheese pizza sounds like it comes from an imagination that is bent on changing the world for the better. We’re looking at you, Aquarius, because we know that this is the type of pizza you’d like to wow a crowd of your friends with.


Sign Pisces

If you were to order a pizza for a party without taking a poll, you’d probably order a classic pepperoni pie — because everyone loves pepperoni. Just like everyone loves the kind, gentle nature of a Pisces who’s always dreaming up something big and beautiful.

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