17 Slightly-Not-Right Meals That Will Make You Uncomfortably Angry

16 Slightly-Not-Right Classic Meals That Will Make You Uncomfortably Angry

Look — by now we know that the burger we see advertised on television is going to look different from the burger we get in-store. Thanks to media magic, fast food always looks way more appealing when it’s not right in front of our faces. But when it comes to meals, fast food is just one of the more apparent choices that surprise us when we see it in person. Food fails are all around us.

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Yes, you’ll want to use your best instinct and avoid the lettuce that turned brown or the moldy tomato, but sometimes food may come out looking a bit odd but still taste delicious. Surely most of the disastrous baked goods on the Netflix hit Nailed It! are trainwrecks, but still taste pretty good. (Otherwise, host Nicole Byer may have quit by now.)

This is obviously harder on the internet. Since you’re looking at photos and not actually tasting them, they seem more off than normal.

Sometimes, weird food can be funny. Other times, it’s simply disturbing. Regardless of the specific category, it deserves to be documented.

Here are just some of the absolute best “this isn’t right, but I can’t stop looking at it” food projects and meals that’ll probably make you cringe a little.

1. This Misshapen Pizza

I mean, it has fries on it, so it can’t be all that bad.

But it still looks a little like a lunch fail that I made in high school that sounded way better in my head.

2. This “Pizza For Everyone”

On the topic of pizza, let’s take a look at this one.

The motive is nice — this home chef tried hard to get everyone’s preference in one pie. But since one of those preferences was just “buttered crust,” this creation is a little hard to look at.

3. This Opposite Burger

Look, this is still something I’d gladly eat. But, uh — how? That’s the part that fills me with rage.

4. This Mac And Cheese Dog

When someone gets mac and cheese wrong, it’s a disgrace.

But when your mac and cheese game is weak, best not get other foods involved. Maybe if these were separated, it’d be a little less off.

And again, file this under “how am I going to actually eat this?”

5. This Homemade Sundae

Okay, this one is a bit more “off” than the rest so far, namely because it’s unclear as to what this was actually supposed to be. Looks like the ice cream melted way faster than this home chef hoped. (And no, those aren’t olives.)

6. These Partially-Eaten Wings

When I eat wings, I really go all out.

That’s why I try to avoid eating wings in front of people I don’t already love and trust.

So a picture like this, where it looks like someone just grazed them a little bit, is enough to make you angry. Have you ever even seen a wing in this state before?

7. These Cheesy Peas

Okay, so cheese usually adds a welcomed zing to every vegetable, but something tells me this person did it all wrong.

I bet you guys that they used a Kraft single. Don’t ask me how I know.

8. This Plate Of Ketchup On Rice

No. Just no.

Maybe if there was some sort of protein added to it, it’d be okay. But something about this photo will just make you a little queasy. If you’re low on money, there are plenty of other super cheap meals that won’t make you hate food.

9. This Half Of A Homemade Breakfast Sandwich

Open-faced sandwiches aren’t bad for meals, but this one happens to showcase how grim this particular breakfast choice really is.

Maybe add some extra cheese, or maybe a tomato slice or two?

Some fresh cream cheese may actually work a little better at livening this thing up.

10. This Bowl Of Ravioli And Pop Tarts

The bowl of ravioli? Fine. The Pop Tart? Delicious. Mixed together? No thank you.

Seriously, if this person ate the ravioli first and then the Pop Tart, it’d be no problem.

But when they’re mixed, it’s a whole different dish.

11. This Rainbow Mac And Cheese

This seems like an idea that came out in the early ’90s and was canned after a year since kids realized it was more gross than cool. Mac and cheese is best when it’s either yellow or orange. Not purple.

12. This Questionable Egg

What is that supposed to be, exactly? It looks like the chef couldn’t decide how to serve the egg last minute.

According to the person who ordered it, it was supposed to be poached.

13. This Poorly Topped Pizza

Any pepperoni fan will be quick to tell you that this simply isn’t enough.

Sometimes toppings can be hidden under the cheese, but in that case, wouldn’t you want it to be uniform?

14. This Weird Sandwich

Technically it was hashtagged as a sandwich, so yes — it’s a sandwich.

But if you thought it was just a random pile of bread with a little bit of meat, you also wouldn’t be wrong.

Listen up. Sandwiches filled with meat need fillings, and condiments, and veggies to be complete.

15. This Meatless Burger

You can order your McDonald’s cheeseburger any way you want.

But if you order a cheeseburger and get a cheese sandwich, there’s something very disappointing and unsettling about that. Who forgot to add the meat?

16. This Taco With “Sour Cream On The Side”

Okay, this was probably a joke.

That, or somebody’s first day on their first job ever. But, come on, Taco Bell. This is still technically edible, but we all know you have containers for purposes like this.