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13 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Food-Obsessed Friends

December is hands-down the best month of the year because of all the fun holidays, cold weather, and tons of shopping. Besides baking for my family and friends, I absolutely love buying and wrapping all the gifts for Christmas. At home, when I was in charge of filling my parents’ stockings, food-related gifts never failed. Sometimes the smallest gifts are super hard to buy. But after using this stocking stuffer guide for your foodie friends and family, you’ll be giving Santa some competition.

1. The Good Hurt Fuego

So Yummy

You can never have too much hot sauce.

2. Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons & Egg Separator


Cute, practical, and it even has an egg separator — something we never knew we needed until now.

3. Cheese Billboards

So Yummy

Life-of-the-party cheese plates need labels with personality to match.

4. Chicklet Egg Holder

So Yummy

Channel a classic European breakfast with a soft-boiled egg in the cutest egg holder.

5. Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser


Tea is great. Llamas are amazing. It’s really the best of both worlds.

6. Ultimate Spoonula

So Yummy

For detail-oriented bakers who hate to see any drop of batter go to waste.

7. Lékué Deco Pen

So Yummy

The person baking you things all the time deserves some quality decorating tools for their hard work.

8. Moscow Mule Mug

So Yummy

The coziest cocktail of the season is incomplete without a special mug.

9. BAGGU Reusable Shopping Bag


Plastic shopping bags are so last year.

10. Reusable Straw Starter Kit

So Yummy

Plastic straws are also so last year.

11. Hedgehog Kitchen Timer


It’s impossible to overbake things with this lil guy.

12. Graters Gonna Grate Kitchen Towel

So Yummy

For pun-loving people who actually cook in the kitchen.

13. Cartoon Food Enamel Pin Set


You’re technically not a foodie until you have food-based accessories.