This Is The One Peanut Butter Hack That Will Make Your Life A Million Times Easier

peanut butter hack

Peanut butter is one of the most treasured spreads ever. (Sorry, Nutella — but PB is a classic.) Still, if you’re using the organic stuff, sometimes it can get a little watery and separated. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, an organic peanut butter fan himself, figured out the perfect hack to fix this dilemma. And yes, we will 100% be giving it a shot.

Kimmel actually took time out of his monologue to talk about the issue. He stated that he actually had a nightmare on a plane about how cumbersome it is to stir it yourself, so he went looking for some sort of product to do the hard work for him. And alas! He found it for just under $12.

The fun part about the bit? It didn’t seem sponsored. Kimmel probably wasn’t paid to promote the $12 gadget — he just wanted to pay it forward and share his findings with viewers everywhere.

The product is called Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer. It’s more or less a jar lid with a built-in, and it fits most 16-ounce peanut butter containers. It even comes in other sizes. If stirring was the one thing setting you back from going organic, this gadget may very well change your life.

Here’s Kimmel’s funny bit on his peanut butter despair. He even showcases the product proudly.

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“It’s like being at Costco and watching a demo,” Kimmel said as he shows off how it works. He stated that he took the time to showcase it because he wants to improve lives.

You can buy your own peanut butter mixer on Amazon here, for $11.49. Even better, it’s Prime eligible.



Perhaps “Jimmy Kimmel’s Food Hacks” can be a brand new segment for future episodes.

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