This Hack For Making Strawberries Last Days Longer Will Make You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

strawberry hack

One of the best things about the summertime is all of the fresh fruit that becomes readily available. Most fruits taste sweeter and juicier during the summer months, and as a bonus, they’re also a lot cheaper. It’s almost impossible to resist buying them when you’re at the store! Unfortunately, fruit doesn’t have the longest shelf life, especially when it’s already super ripe to begin with. What usually ends up happening for most of us is that we buy the fruit, forget about it, then go to eat it a few days later only to find that it’s already covered in gross mold. That’s exactly why we’re in love with this hack for making strawberries last days longer.

Strawberries are one of the best summer fruits out there — June, July, and August are their time to shine. The annoying thing about them is that they only stay fresh for a few days, even when kept in the refrigerator. Depending on how ripe they are when you buy them, strawberries might last only a day or two. At most, they could stick around for a week. And that last day won’t be their finest moment.

It would definitely be nice if they lasted a bit longer…but they actually can when you try this very simple storage tip!


When you get your strawberries, don’t simply rinse them off in the sink. Fill a bowl with water and a few splashes of apple cider vinegar, then place the strawberries in the bowl and soak them for a few minutes. Drain them thoroughly, then keep them in the refrigerator and be amazed by how fresh they are, days later.

How does it work?


The vinegar and water mixture kills off any mold spores that might on the strawberries, keeping the mold away and ensuring the berries stay fresh longer. And don’t worry about the bitter apple cider vinegar affecting the taste — it doesn’t change how strawberries taste at all. You can also try this trick with white vinegar if necessary.

Another advantage of this hack is that the apple cider vinegar gives your berries a really thorough cleaning, getting rid of more dirt and any leftover little bugs that might be on them.

Now feel free to buy all of the strawberries, knowing that you can take your time eating them. You’re welcome!

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