7 Super Easy Ways to Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer

One of the top five worst things is having to throw away food. It’s different when it’s a box of leftover pasta in the back of your fridge that’s been there for a week. But it’s actually painful when you literally just went to the grocery store a few days ago, and those avocados you were saving for the right meal must be tossed in the trash. Rest in peace, poor avocados. Knowing that these situations are almost inevitable makes it that much harder to shop for fresh food.

Even worse is when you’re in a rush and you know you’re going to be stuck in class or meetings all day, so you go to make a quick PB&J. But you open up that bag of sliced bread, and there it is. Mold. Didn’t you just buy bread??? Not only does it feel wasteful, but now you have to spend more money buying a lunch somewhere.

Hopefully you’ve been seeking out ways for this to end. That’s where we come in — we have some clever hacks for you to keep your food fresh! Which definitely means your produce, bread, and meat will last longer than just a few days.

We know the pain that comes with having to throw out groceries you just bought. Here are 7 tips to keep your food fresher, longer and to save you money!

DIY Vacuum Seal 

Materials needed:

Fresh Strawberries

Materials needed:

Anti-Moldy Bread

Materials needed:

  • celery

Always Soft Cookies

Materials needed:

  • bread

No More Spoiled Milk

Materials needed:

  • salt

Always Fresh Bananas

Materials needed:

  • grocery produce bag

Wilt-Free Lettuce

Materials needed:

  • kitchen towel

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