15 Haunted Hotels And Bed and Breakfasts That Will Leave You Shook

haunted hotels

Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? B&Bs are meant to provide a cozier, more intimate experience than a hotel, motel, or resort. Instead of booking a reservation at one of those, you’d book a room in someone’s house, and typically the house owner(s) provide you with breakfast (and sometimes dinner or lunch), and maybe some company. It might not be your thing if you’re anti-social, or are just looking for lodging that’s convenient and proximal to where you wanna be. If you’re more of a hotel person and want some history and personality, those kinds exist as well.

America hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s been around for long enough to offer some old-timey hotels.

If you love history but want to kick it up a notch, you can always stay at a haunted B&B or hotel. From Texas to Florida to Massachusetts, a haunted place to stay for the night may just be a road trip away. If the thought of staying in a room that a ghost is haunting thrills you, we have a list of spooky places that have been haunted by dead little girls, grumpy men who’ve been murdered, and more. Behold.

1. The Texas White House

Fort Worth, Texas

This home, built in 1910 (it’s old, y’all), was eventually turned into a bed and breakfast. It is said that the original owner, Mr. Newkirk, is haunting his old bedroom which is now known as the Lone Star Room.

Guests have reported things like their bed lifting or feeling “something” walk past them.

Another freaky tidbit is that when single women stay in the room, they sometimes experience the sensation that someone is sleeping next to them only to wake up to see no one there. Alright, off to a good start.

2. Bewitched + BEDazzled Bed and Breakfast

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

This charming and unique old Hollywood movie-themed inn has a lot to offer. It’s dog-friendly, so you can bring your dog and enjoy the pet amenities. You may want to bring your dog anyway since it’s nice to have a companion when you’re being haunted by a little ghost girl.

Apparently, in the late 1800s, this girl, who had visited the inn numerous times with her family, died on the premises.

Now, little Eleanor Sigsbee can be recognized as the one who tosses your pillows on the ground and chilling in the basement from time to time. Oh, and her ghostly family has been seen around the grounds as well.

3. Black Horse Inn

Warrenton, Virginia

Now, this is what I’m talking about. This place is haunted by four ghosts! FOUR! The inn, built in the mid-1700s, was said to have housed George Washington and his men on their way to Valley Forge. It’s no wonder that it has picked up a few spirits along the way (oh and it was also a Civil War hospital — it’s chill).

The first ghost, a female nurse, has been known to laugh in men’s ears.

Ha! I need to witness this. Another spirit likes to leave an imprint in the Burgandy room bed. The next ghost, the “Ghost of Christmas,”  has knocked over the inn’s Christmas tree for three years in a row and breaks every ornament (the tree is now wired to the corner of the room). The last ghost, and probably my favorite, is “The Dancer” who you can hear at night when he taps at the top of the stairs.

4. 17Hundred90 Inn

Savannah, Georgia

Ready to be spooked? Stay in Room 204 if you think you can handle the haunting of Anne. The story goes that while she was staying there, she fell in love with a traveling sailor. He left for the sea, and Anne was heartbroken.

So much so that she threw herself from her second-floor balcony, ending her life.

If you’re lucky enough to score 204, be prepared to find your things misplaced, hear Anne’s sobs at night, or even see her at the end of your bed. Oh, and Anne likes to play games… A family stayed in the room and wanted to test Anne. They saw a toy move and heard scratching at the end of their bed. They turned a lamp on and off and it flickered. When the family returned from their day, the lamp was unplugged. Guys. I want to meet this Anne.

5. The Artist House

Key West, Florida

Okay, a couple things here. It has a history (nice), a gorgeous ghost (oooh, fun), and oh yeah, this house is the home of Robert the doll (run). You know, the doll that inspired all those murderous Chucky movies? That doll. *breathes deeply* Former home to painter Robert Eugene “Gene” Otta and his wife Anne used to live there.

Anne is believed to walk down the steps in her wedding gown from time to time.

She probably spent a good chunk of change on it and just wants to show it off. However, the whole voodoo doll that Gene carried around — kind of questionable. So, you know, definitely be on the lookout for this one. I’m kind of terrified of it.

6. Collins House Inn

Marion, Virginia

You know something is bad when the dog won’t even go near it. Yup, the resident dog refuses to step foot on the entire second floor. Why? It might have something to do with the phantom knocks on the bathroom doors or things being reported missing or moved.

Oh, and you might get some tightness in your chest when you near the L.P. room.

No reason why, just steer clear if at all possible. This is one I will probably be skipping. No thanks.

7. Groveland Hotel

Groveland, California

Here’s a more playful ghost that might interest you. In 1927 a gold-miner named Lyle was found dead in his room with a box of dynamite under his bed (okay?). Lyle is the one believed to be messing with guests, obviously.

He has been known to fuss with the lights and water and will even move guests’ belongings.

Lyle doesn’t like when women especially use “his” dresser and will move cosmetics to another area. Hey, I guess it was his room first?

8. The Excelsior House Hotel

Jefferson, Texas

Haunted by at least two ghosts (a headless man and a woman in all black, totally casual), The Excelsior is also home to the idea behind the Steven Spielberg movie, Poltergeist. The director decided to stay there while shooting another movie and couldn’t even last one night.

Apparently, as soon as he threw his briefcase down on the couch, it flew right back at him!

And something resembling a young boy approached him to question Spielberg what he wanted for breakfast. Before the night was over, Spielberg and his team were sound asleep in the Holiday Inn nearby. Poltergeist came out a few years later.

9. 1906 Pine Crest Inn + Restaurant

Tyron, North Carolina

Oooh, this place is giving me the creeps. Psychics have said this inn is an “energy vortex.” You’re going to hear voices and see things move, that’s for sure.

The kitchen staff has seen dishes and plates spin around and shoot across a table.

There was even an instance when a guest woke up to his dresser boarded up against his door and his clothes were scattered around the room. Employees once heard a loud pounding coming from the walk-in cooler as if someone was trying to get out, and when the employees rushed to open it, there was nothing there.

10. Foley House Inn

Savannah, Georgia

Just, no. As the story goes, Mrs. Foley housed boarders at the inn and one night a man staying there started to strangle her. Unable to scream for help, she grabbed the candlestick next to her and swung at the man. She ran as fast as she could into another guest’s room for help and when the two returned, the man was dead. Foley was in such a panic, she told the guest that if they hide the dead body and tell no one about the incident that he could receive free rent.

And Foley didn’t tell anyone until she was on her deathbed, but she never revealed where the body was.

In 1987, human remains were found in the wall. Today, you’ll see a ghostly figure with a top hat roaming the gardens. You might also get lucky enough to witness a door flying open followed by a rush of air where the man was killed.

11. Mayhurst Inn

Orange, Virginia

Okay, time to cool back down a bit on the scary level. If you stay at Mayhurst, be prepared for windows to open. Not too bad. I think I could handle that. Guests have even reported events of just feeling like they were being watched.

Creepy, but, you know, doable.

The inn was built in 1859 and housed U.S. troops on their grounds. Keep your eyes peeled for the Madison Room if you want some creepy action in your life.

12. Thornewood Castle

Lakewood, Washington

Celebrity sighting alert!

Author and Horror King, Stephen King chose this inn as the backdrop for his miniseries, Rose Red.

If you ever find yourself in the area, this castle is known to house several spirits. It was completed in 1911 and started as just a home for a family. The owner, Charles Thorne, is the one who is blamed for all the lightbulbs being unscrewed in his former room. Anna, Charles’ wife, has been known to show her reflection in the Bridal Room where her old mirror resides.

13. Made INN Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

Elizabeth, the resident ghost, likes to talk to mediums. She once told a medium that she hates that the original wallpaper is gone, but she appreciates the restoration of the original hardwood floors. Check out room 903, her sitting room, to see if Elizabeth will open up to you.

14. Longfellow’s Wayside Inn

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Poor Jershua Howe! She fell in love with a British man and he promised to return so the two could wed. Sadly, that never happened and it left Jershua waiting forever. Forty-four years later, Jershua passed away from a broken heart. She lived in Room 9.

As a ghost, she is very friendly and maybe a bit too handsy.

For over 100 years, she’s been entertaining the inn. Letters were written by guests documenting what they encountered and stored in a drawer. Some saw her walking at the end of the bed, others smelled a perfume, and more could feel her breathing down the back of men’s necks at night. She’s very friendly and just wants other people to know that they are capable of love. Aw!

15. Forsyth Park Inn

Savannah, Georgia

Aaron and Lois Churchill owned the house that would eventually turn into the Forsyth Park Inn. Lottie, Aaron and Lois’ adopted child, is the one who haunts the inn today. The story goes something like this: Lois’s sister, Anna, came to live with the family. One day, Lottie found Anna and Aaron a little too close to each other. In a rage, Lottie went to the garden and poisoned Anna‘s tea with oleander.

When Anna was gone, it was revealed that Anna was Lottie’s biological mother.

When Lottie found out, she went crazy and spent the rest of her life in an insane asylum. Lottie’s ghost, who is 14, is a good spirit, actually. She typically just walks around and you can hear her laughing. With such a dark story, I’m surprised at how friendly Lottie is! What’s up, girl?

And while we have you here and you’re thinking of breakfast (and maybe ghosts, whatever), can we interest you in cakes made with waffle irons and cereal?! Breakfast + cake = Win.

Just, you know, if you needed a break from the spooky stuff and want some delicious sweets in your life.

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