This Popular Airline Is Bringing Back Everyone’s Favorite Free Dessert, And Everyone Is Cheering

United Airlines stroopwafels

Unless you’re in first class, flying isn’t typically an enjoyable activity. You have to worry about luggage, timing, and screaming babies interrupting your in-flight movie — all while soaring through the air, which still seems like a ridiculous travel concept. Luckily, United Airlines will be making the whole trip a liiiiiittle bit more enjoyable. The company announced that one of their most beloved snacks will be in proper rotation once again.

The snack itself is one you may not have heard of until now. Called stroopwafels, they’re best described as delicate cookies. Two thin layers of dough are baked and brought together with a caramel filling, making them perfect to enjoy alongside coffee or tea. United Airlines, which offered them for free during morning flights, was famous for them. Thus, people were absolutely shooketh when the company announced they were off the menu in June of 2018.

A maple flavored cookie took the stroopwafel’s place. But, it just wasn’t the same. The second it was announced, frequent flyers took to Twitter to announce their disappointment. Perhaps United Airlines never knew how many people depended on the stroopwafel to get them through their stressful morning flights.

People couldn’t stop talking after United announced their return. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long hiatus.

One woman even commented that the stroopwafel served on United was such a hit with her husband that the two of them served them at their wedding to spread the joy.

After seeing a few photos of the snack, it makes sense why it’s such a hit. It’s light and airy, but also packs an unexpected flavor punch. They also seem incredibly fancy.

Even though the stroopwafel is perfect as-is, you can get it coated in chocolate and sprinkles (among other sweet accessories). It really is the perfect dessert.

It’s hard not to feel a little hungry after seeing those.

Aside from the obvious good news, the fact that United Airlines seems to listen to their passengers really makes all the difference in the world. The stroopwafel isn’t the only signature item that has been brought back in the rotation after customer complaints. Tomato juice also made a comeback after people protested, proving that anything is possible.

While an official date hasn’t been announced, United said that they were making a comeback this month — which is fantastic news if you have travel planned this year.

But if you don’t, have no fear — a bunch of grocery stores carry stroopwafels, meaning you don’t have to book a flight to treat yourself.

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