These Zodiac Lollipops Will Do Something Amazing After You're Done Sucking On 'Em

These Zodiac Lollipops Will Do Something Amazing After You’re Done Sucking On ‘Em

We recently stumbled upon an absolutely incredible new candy at this year’s Dessert Goals LA, which took place on July 7th and 8th at Downtown’s Cooper Design Space. A company called Amborella Organics crafts these zodiac-themed lollipops that do something super cool when you’re done eating them. Simply stick the pop’s biodegradable stem into the ground and in time, an herb or flower will sprout. Magic is real!

The seed-bearing lollipop is the brainchild of Brennan Clarke, who, with Taylor Morgan, started Amborella Organics, a completely vegan and organic lollipop brand. This means each pop is flavored naturally with herbs and flowers like lavender, rose, rosemary, and marigold. And each one is tinted with natural dyes like turmeric and carrot.

“From the foraged flowers and herbs that shape our logo, to the turmeric and carrot natural dyes in our lollipops, Amborella Organics is a sustainable and eco-conscious company,” the company’s site states.

What caught our attention — besides the pure magic that is the seed-bearing stick — is that each flavored lollipop coincides with a zodiac sign. So for example, the Rosemary & Mint pop is perfect for Cancers. Sage & Marshmallow pairs up with Capricorn. And Peach & Marigold is made for Leos.

But, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to try out the entire zodiac chart of flavors before settling on a fave (if you can even pick a fave, that is).

And the process of planting your Amborella Organics biodegradable stick couldn’t be simpler. Just eat the pop, plant the stick horizontally, water daily, and wait. If nature allows, your little lolly will turn into a beautiful herb or flower plant that you can keep and use in other dishes (or just look at/love/talk to/take pictures of/etc.).

Depending on what flavor pop you plant, you can end up growing lavender, marigold, mint, baby blue eyes, sage, thyme, or a Rosetta cosmo.

You can grab yourself individual flavored lollipops via Amborella Organics’ website for $6.95 each. Or, grab a 12-, 24-, 48-, or 80-pack to share with friends. Garden party, anyone?

We’re planning on collecting all the Amborella Organics lollipop flavors to complete our little plant family as we make sure each star sign is represented. Excuse us while we order the 80-pack seed-bearing bundle for ourselves…

Not into lollipops? In our humble opinion, the next best thing is a popsicle — it’s sweet and perfect for a sweltering summer day. That’s why we came up with our own versions of DIY popsicles.

We’re going to try to make these before we melt.