M&M’s Has Done Us Wrong By Releasing The Mexican Jalapeño Peanut Flavor

jalapeño peanut m&m's

It’s tough when there’s an M&M’s flavor out there that’s — gasp! — hard to eat. After all, the popular candy has been sold since 1941 and has stayed strong ever since. And for good reason. I mean, have you ever eaten just one M&M? Or even just two? Obviously, this brand knows exactly what they’re doing, right? Well…

M&M’s will reportedly be releasing flavors inspired by different international locations, which sounds like a win. It’s always thrilling to experience flavors that we’d need a plane ticket to try out otherwise. Just imagine how much money you save! Plus, it’s great to use snacks as a way to learn about different cultures. But according to SnackChatLive’s Brent Timm, these flavors are different than you may expect. One of them, in particular, is already making mouths feel like they’re on fire and in need of a hydrant. That’s because “Mexican Jalapeño Peanut” is an M&M that sounds like it was inspired by someone’s fiery nightmare.

At this stage in life, snack fans have learned to expect anything and everything. I mean, we live in a world where Lay’s has no issue with releasing a Cappuccino-flavored potato chip. While it didn’t win their annual contest, many chip fans were brave enough to try it out without any sort of issue. And don’t even get us started on when Oreo released hot chicken wing and wasabi flavors. So sure, maybe Mexican Jalapeño Peanut just sounds a little scary. It’s possible that it’s actually quite good — though we might have trouble getting it in our mouths without someone saying, “Choo! Choo! Here comes the train!”

The flavor will reportedly be released in 2019, along with two others — English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut. Mmmm… Those sound lovely.

Timm predicted that an official announcement would be coming out soon. He also said in his Instagram comments that as far as the release month goes, “I’m hearing March!” (While that is several months away, we will do our best to wait patiently.) No matter what, it’s big news for the peanut M&M, as peanut is featured in all three new flavors, which is especially important to note if you’re allergic to this nut.

If you’re a fan of spicy food, or simply want to try to test your tastebuds and experience something different, perhaps Mexican Jalapeño Peanut may be for you. But as for me, I might play it safe and just enjoy peanut M&M’s in their original form.

If you’re a fan of M&M’s and want to “catch them all” — even the spicy flavor that might put some people off — then boy do we have the list for you. It consists of the 32 flavors you simply must try. Having a selection of these at a party would be seriously fun for your guests.

Or, if making your own treats is more your speed, then we have M&M’s Muddy Buddies you will lose it over. Oh! And our No-Bake Monster Cookie Ice Box Cake is a hit every time. And honestly, no one will blame you if you snack on a few M&M’s while concocting these delicious recipes in your kitchen.

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