How to Make a Diamond from Peanut Butter and Coal | So Yummy

This Peanut Butter And Coal Food Trick Creates A Straight-Up Magical Object

Do you believe in magic? If not, you just might after watching this food trick with peanut butter and coal. This hack will allow you to make your own diamonds at home with super simple ingredients you probably already have. Get ready to crystalize your house and be amazed in the process.

You’ll need just a few things to get started. Grab a jar of peanut butter, a piece of hot coal (make sure you’re using coal and not charcoal), and ice. With a set of tongs, dunk the hot piece of coal into the peanut butter and make sure to coat the entire chunk. Then, place the peanut buttery coal in a bowl of ice. Cover it completely with ice and freeze the coal for 24 hours.

After the coal and peanut butter is completely frozen solid, dunk the frozen mass into warm water and rub away the outer layer. Voilà — you should be left with a gorgeous quartz-like diamond.

The rapid heating and cooling of the coal within the peanut butter casing is what forms the diamond inside the coal. This project is truly food science at its best.

Check out the entire process via Blossom’s hack video below:

There are actually several ways to make diamonds using food. You can grow your own “gemstones” by dissolving alum (a chemical compound that can be found at grocery stores) into hot tap water. By over-saturating the water with alum and pouring the liquid into a shallow dish, diamonds will begin to grow overnight. You can then use these diamonds to create an entire diamond farm.

We wish you luck on your quest to become the king or queen of diamonds.