Never Order This One Type Of Burger At A Restaurant — Here's Why

Never Order This Type Of Burger At A Restaurant — Here’s Why

Regular old hamburgers are great and all, but fancy burgers are, well, fancy! However, one professional chef said you should opt out of ordering a fancy burger from restaurants. According to him, putting luxe ingredients on a burger is a sneaky way chefs try to “steal your money.”

Insider spoke to James Briscione, Director of Culinary Research at the Institute of Culinary Education, who said done-up burgers are pure baloney.

“There is no reason to ever pay $20+ for a hamburger,” chef Briscione told the site. “If chefs are piling expensive ingredients on top of a hamburger, it’s just so they can steal your money. Good burgers are made from ground tough cuts of meat like chuck, brisket, or ribs. Grinding up expensive meat just to make a burger is a waste.”

The next time you see a wagyu beef burger topped with truffles and cheese flecked with gold leaf, you may want to opt for a menu item that’s actually worth the price. Although, hey — if you’re all about putting down some cold, hard cash for a posh AF burger, you do you. Just remember, some places have no limits when it comes to fancy burger creations.

These are so over the top.

Furthermore, besides an upscale burger, chef Briscione said to steer clear of most foods made with “truffle oil.”

“Never order anything with truffle oil as a listed ingredient,” chef Briscione added. “Chances are, the imitation truffle flavor will be offensively strong, and the 20 cents worth of truffle oil drizzled on your plate will result in a surge in menu price.”

Some people already knew this, and are so ready to spread the truth about truffle oil to the masses.

We feel played.

If you want to order the most expensive burger (with or without truffle oil) on the menu, then go for it. But now that you know this chef’s secret, you can make a more informed choice the next time you’re out to eat.